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…roll them numbers, Mabel…we’re smokin’ !…#TBSU…

…I’m sure there must be a 12-step self-help program out there called Bloggers Anonymous, or suchlike…(not that it pertains to ME!…)..I’d be asking for a friend of mine y’understand…but just for comparisons sake, let me quote for you digitalizers out there what’s been happening on my web-blog…my initial Blunder into the Bleachers  of the BlogsPeople was May 7th last year…this is now post #130…comments total 1,300+ and an amazing 10,000+ views  recorded in that ten-month period…I reckon I know about a dozen folks, so the balance of the viewing I put down to Auntie Mabel and Uncle Fred, who’ll claim about 4,500 views each…a smattering of lost people looking for other sites, a score of nuisances trying to flog me advertising, and possibly Justin Beiber (who talks to EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD apparently), kinda makes up the numbers…so, as my favourite guru would ask, “what does it all mean?”…I think it means that there’s as many nutters out in that Web-by Universe who have as much time on their hands as I do…and yet, I feel I’m perpetually busy with all of this SOSYAL NETWURKIN…emb’dy else got these symptoms?…if so, p’raps we need to join the group…“my name’s Seumas, and I’m a Blogger”…meantime, let me pause, set aside momentarily the levity, replace it with a modicum of gravitas, and offer a heart-felt THANK YOU!!  to each and every visitor to my site…you’ve made my day, today, and every day for the past ten months…LUV YA!…can’t say the same for Matron, though , here she comes again with that bluudy syringe…see  yeez later …


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…a great friend, Tom Rizzo, shares a Guest Blog today…the theme is creativity…LUV IT..#TBSU

…of all the elements of writing , or any of the arts, Tom Rizzo’s subject matter in this post is perhaps the most elusive…’Creativity’…please enjoy:

The Blank Start of Creativity

By Tom Rizzo

Ask any artist—whether a painter, writer or musician—where they get their ideas, you’re likely to get a blank stare. Although, from personal experience, that seems to be a good starting point for the process: a blank stare.

Once, I asked a friend of mine, an art director for a large advertising agency, how he got his ideas. He laughed. “Hell, I don’t know. Ideas just come to me. I really don’t have to do a lot of thinking about them. It’s just kind of automatic. That’s my job.”

The idea of not thinking—or not dwelling—about ideas seems have merit.

  • Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury said, “Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things.”
  • American writer Rita Mae Brown wrote, “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts.”
  • Painter Vincent van Goghadvised, “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Is the process really that simple? Maybe so. I do envy those who can deliver creativity at the snap of a finger.

There are time when I tend to seal myself away alone and dwell on ideas for a while, allowing them to simmer in my unconscious, and bubble to the surface, as I work through the creative process.

Sometimes, however, that bubbling thing doesn’t work. You might say there is no bubbling over of ideas. I find that rather than use the blank-stare-strategy, I actually have to do something physical to unleash creativity

The solution, at least for me, is to lower my backside into the chair, click open a blank document, and start typing. Sooner or later, something good happens.

One the other hand, a friend of mine believes creativity is about being open and sharing ideas. Someone else I talked with describes creativity as the borrowing of ideas that you adapt as your own.

Trying to pin someone down on the specifics of how to be creative is tricky. The concept is nebulous, almost spiritual at times. They’re unable to articulate the creative process.

Producing a hard-and-fast list of bullet points of how to go about being creative is next to impossible. The creative process doesn’t lend itself to this kind of structure.

My friend, the art director, told me he thought Ernest Hemingway had the best approach to the creative process: “Write drunk; edit sober.”

# # #

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Connectivity to Tom :

Web:      http://tomrizzo.com/

Email:    Tom@TomRizzo.com

Which leads neatly into this post’s batch of super blogs to follow (reciprocation welcomed)

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Follow as you please and pass on the Blog Scratchers Union ethos…


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…I’m claiming copyright on a new phrase, ‘blog-scratching’…the trendiest itch in town…#TBSU

…there’s no way of telling, is there?…plonk a few bucks down on the spin of a roulette wheel and you could leave the Casino with more money than a politician’s slush fund…cop a few raffle tickets and hey presto, who knows, you might win a brand new mousetrap…who can fathom it ?…two days ago my blog piece was about reciprocation for we scribblers in helping each other to support our various efforts with our blogs…I referred to it as ‘you scratch my blog, and I’ll scratch your blog…’…Wonder of wonders, that post has received MORE HITS in a single day than anything I’ve lobbed on to  here in the last 6 months…to quote the phrase bandied around every year at the Oscars ..’YOU LIKE IT !! YOU LIKE IT !!’…seems like more than a mere few out there have the same desire…to help each other get traction at the blogworks…so, Master Gallacher’s scheme to take over the Blog Universe moves to its cunning Phase Two...I’m claiming copyright on the phrase  ‘blog-scratching’... not for any personal gain, y’unnerstan’… but to afford us all some protection lest someone like, sshhh FB, comes along and bans it as ‘poking’ and slams us all in FB jail for even discussing it…I’m not one for pushing myself in to positions of power, nonetheless I am selflessly declaring my new post as PRESIDENT OF THE BLOG-SCRATCHERS UNION…here’s how it’s gonna work…come in a bit and listen carefully…in each post that I stick on here for the forseeable future, there’ll be a small section, Blog Scratchers Corner…I will list in there a few blogs which I follow, and vice versa…I invite you to start following them also, and continue the ‘viral’ effect…some will be to your taste, others not…choose to join up with those you please…FEEDBACK ON THIS WORLD-MOVING INITIATIVE will be much appreciated…as Adam said in the Garden of Eden…’I can’t do this alone y’know, luv…’…so before Matron whacks me, here’s the first batch of ten goodies:

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