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…truly, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, yeez are The Wind Beneath My Wings…

…the phrase is more often true than not, ’there are lies, damn lies, and statistics’… but in this instance, I’m gonna sit with the reality of a statistic that swam before my eyes today… my WordPress Site Stats tell me there have now been more than 50,000 views for this wee blog… for this ol’ Jurassic, that’s simply mind-boggling… and this mind o’ mine has been boggled plenty of times in the past, so I recognise a boggling when I see one…




…only as recently as in May 2012, after much exhortation from scribbling friends on the Internet, I yielded to their insistence, that any quill-scraper worth their ink should have a blog presence… at first it was a bit of a ‘stab in the light’, ‘coz many others were doing it… easy enuff to copy them for a while… a coupla blogs a week… then I found the taste for it… the pleasure of hitting the blank page on a regular basis became almost addictive… it is so much bluudy fun!… unlike the crime thriller masterpieces I produce, where a certain sobriety of narrative is de rigueur, with the blog, almost anything goes… being a quill-scraper, and a newly-come self-publishing novice at that, the central core of the content generally spins around the business of authorship… the whole nine yards, and then some… after a while, other snippets started to creep in… I was able to please myself (now, ain’t that a clue as to why it’s so much fun?) and free to add comments and opinions on matters that affect the Big Bad WURLD not one jot… but what the heck… it was getting to be even more pleasurable… interaction built up with so many of yeez…. cementing great friendships.. empathy with like-minded writing spirits… and humour by the barrow-loads… now I wouldn’t give it up for quids… yer support and comments are precious… truly, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, yeez are The Wind Beneath My Wings… here’s Ms Midler to endorse that (but don’t let Master Andrew Peters hear it…he adores her singing so much, he’ll cry for hours)… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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