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…if Music be the Food of Blogs, play on, Maestro… #TBSU…

… the other day, I listed 3 books out of many that impacted me greatly over the course of a reading career, and, of course, If I did the same exercise today, in all probability, there would be 3 different titles… in a somewhat similar vein, music is an inseparable part of growing up… stuff this ol’ Jurassic listened, to, sang along with, understood, or didn’t, as the case may be… my taste in music is as far ranging as the library choices I make… yeez may have had the same experience as I did, when particular stages of yer growing up seemed to have specific songs or tunes attached to them… the 60s and 70s especially were loaded with tons of great musicians, singers, groups (we didn’t call them ‘bands’ back then)… talented voices… yeez repeatedly fell in LUV over and over again with the girl or boy of the moment… the one and only for the rest of yer lives, or at least until the next month came along… and special tunes would attach to that relationship, fleeting or otherwise… I s’pose some of the current crop of noise-makers, pretending to some musical adequacy may have passing muster… but p’raps it’s my bias and yearning for the ‘way music used to be’ that I can’t understand more than about 0.000064362% of the stuff churned out on the reality show carousel charade… Master Simon Cowell‘s gonna have a lot to answer for when he sits in front of the Ultimate Jury when his pop career eventually pops for good… I could pick out at least 3 dozen tunes that never fail to resonate with me, and tomorrow there would be 3 dozen differing ones, but for today, here’s a pick of just 3 for yeez to consider… let me know what yer own are:

1. Nights in White Satin… the Moody Blues

2. Honky Tonk Woman… the Rolling Stones

3. Bohemian Rhapsody…. Queen and the incomparable Freddy Mercury



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