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…addicted to the computer device Age?…who, me?… Author Tess Karlinski nails it…

…speaking with all my communication cards on the table, yes, I’ll ‘fess up… this ol’ Jurassic can hardly go to the washroom without at least the Monster Martinet Mobile Phone, or the Big Bad Bully Blackberry… of course, I can control that at any time, right, Mabel…right?… right?… well, here’ s my pal, Author Teresa (Tess) Karlinski and, truth be known, I think she speaks on behalf of gazillions of us …enjoy…


The Dream Team

by Teresa (Tess) Karlinski

The Internet and all our electronic devices rule our lives. Don’t they? Computers, laptops, phones, tablets, iPods, iPads, tablets etc. [deep breath] are no longer luxuries or mere toys. We are addicted and no longer know how to live without them. Think about it.

Computers and Laptops

I started with a desktop computer, added a printer soon after, and then a scanner. They’re handy now and again. When my laptop decides to do its own thing, I suffer the slow desktop. In the past week or so, my laptop has stuck its tongue out at me by flashing the dreaded blue screen. The first time, I gawked, horrified, and rushed to beg at the altar of the Geek Squad. The next time, I pulled the plug and battery, counted to ten and was up and running again—but for how long? In between the blue screens, I’ve dashed back and forth to the computer store three times because OneDrive refused to synchronize with the laptop.

I bought the laptop for convenience and portability. The real truth is the Internet signal is poor where my (slower) desktop is stationed. Money grows on trees, right? No problem.

IPad Mini

I recharged my iPad during the recent Spring / March Break. It was juiced at 100% but didn’t look the same. Hello flashed on the screen. What? Had my devices conspired behind my back and this, my thanks, for treating them well? They dare revolt against me? Terror struck when I thought of all the lovely books stored on my iPad on Kindle, most of which I haven’t yet read. How can I keep up my reading when my devices are taking up all my time. Thank goodness my 11-year-old granddaughter ‘fixed’ it in two seconds after she finished with her social media. That’s right, Grandma had to wait in line.

Cell Phone

Notice I didn’t call it an iPhone or anything fancy because I don’t know the difference. I’m happy to have purchased a Samsung Galaxie for emergencies. What if I get lost, you know? My previous cell phone had a little stub of an antena (ugly), was too small, and the teeny numbers and my glasses didn’t see eye-to-eye. I have it for emergencies as well, but I wanted something bigger and flashier. The new one should—but hasn’t—replaced my home digital cordless phone, which I don’t often use either.


Don’t get me started on how I keep track of all the crazy passwords. Several times I’ve had an incorrect login. You know the feeling. Sweat gushed out of me like a river in a storm— till I checked my Password Directory. You know the one, right?

Social Media

The few labels I know are: Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and so on. More passwords. More entertainment. More people to meet and greet. I belong to three, but have trouble keeping up.


Yes, I’m invested in blogging as well. You see where this is leading? We are slaves to the electronic age and social media, and loving it. We’re the Dream Team and can’t conceive of doing anything without these fascinating inventions. We’ve been spoiled.

What If

Remember the blackout of the Northeastern seaboard in 2003? It could happen again. What then? It’s easy to whine when our devices get pouty one piece at a time. What if a catastrophe hit and the Internet and all the gadgets it loves go down? Could happen. We’re better prepared than twelve years ago, but the vulnerability still exists. Mother Nature has tossed us all kinds of vicious and unexpected weather patterns of late. Maybe she hasn’t finished lashing out yet. I wouldn’t bet on it. We are at risk because not all electrical wiring is buried and she has the ace.

Are we too comfortable with our new-fangled acquisitions? Could we adapt if all these were taken away? Could you?

…thanks for a great post, Tess… well, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land…could yeez survive?…I know what my answer is…

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…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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