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…Glasgow Dockland Govan’s version of Rudolph Valentino…


Rudolph Valentino

…I can pinpoint for yeez almost to the hour when this ol’ Jurassic sashayed from the innocence of youth to the angst-strewn teenage-recognition that GURLS, creatures of the opposite gender, may have sum’thing about them more interesting than pigtails to pull… barely out of short trousers and severe short-back-and-sides haircuts, I became aware of THEM… females… non-football-players… non-collectors-of-frogs-to-stick-in-cleaned-out-jamjars… and certainly not-members-of-our-secret-gangs-with-very-original-codewords-like-‘Geronimo’… of course, at infant school parties, there were the usual ‘Postman’s Knock’ games which often involved being highly embarrassed by getting kissed by a GURL… the ultimate Russian Roulette version of a five-year-old’s boy’s nightmares… imagine then the confusion when it struck home, that a GURL yeez know is taking 100% of yer thinking time… usually chatterbox personified, ye’re reduced to a tongue-chewing babbler when confronting the target of yer youthful fantasies… back then tradition was paramount in such affairs… yeez had to ask the GURL if she wanted to be yer GURLfriend… heaven forfend yeez should even think of asking her in front of any of yer mates, in case yeez get the infamous rejection… the gem of my eye at the time rejoiced in the name of ‘Ruby’, a charming young lady… she even had ‘lumps in her jersey’… a-hem… and she was ‘G.A.’… ‘Geographically Acceptable’, as she lived about fifty yards away in the same tenement block as this young wannabe Rudy Valentino… I remember the setting as if it were yesterday… on the first floor landing, halfway up the tenement stairwell in her ‘close’… violins in the background, red roses and candle-bedecked candlebra were not in attendance… but that mattered not a jot… Romeo could not have pitched it better than I…


…‘Wull yeez be ma GURLfriend?’… a momentary hesitation from the lass, during which the urge to turn on my heel and get the hell outa there as fast as possible was ended with her response, worthy of any romantic novelist’s best—‘Aye, awright!’… thus began, properly, an everlasting affinity for THEMGURLS… they make the WURLD spin round… and just to top it  all, The Rolling Stones at the time launched ‘Ruby Tuesday’.. I can’t recall if I asked her on a Tuesday, but I remember the liaison lasted an entire summer, until our family moved away from the district and ‘l’affaire-de coeur’ withered on the vine of distance… subsequently when I hear the great cover version below by Melanie Safka, my thoughts inevitably turn to ‘lumps-in-a-jersey’… sum’things never change… see yeez later …LUV YEEZ!



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… just coz THIS is Tuesday, here’s one of my favourite tunes by a wonderful voice, Melanie Safka…enjoy..#TBSU…

… click and listen… be entranced… ye know, we did produce some astonishingly great music back in the 60s and 70s… :):):)


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