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…Authors… whether yeez self publish or ‘house’ publish, a great editor like Maureen Vincent-Northam is priceless…

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…regardless of yer vintage, the minute yeez stop learning, yeez might as well turn yer toes up and shuffle off this mortal coil… all my life, this truth has been reinforced continually, and happily, I seem to embrace new things… new stuff… although the absorption into the ‘computer thing-y Age’ has taken a while, but now that I’ve acquired my Internet-ness pass, I’m enjoying that too… six or seven years ago, when the first Jack Calder crime thriller was finished, I encountered the usual merry-go-round of attempting to find that elusive creature… a Literary Agent, and the even more amorphous Publisher… along came the Great God Amazon Kindle concept, and Presto, Hey!, with a click here and there, Master Gallacher became a published author, with his masterpieces downloadable on the eBook channel of the Gods… the learning curve has been steep, but gratifyingly worthwhile… along came the Stephanie and Laurence Patterson partnership in the guise of Crooked Cat Publishing who, in an obvious moment of sheer aberration on their part, signed me up as part of their author stable… the stuff learned and techniques acquired as a self-publisher translate easily into being attached to a publishing label, and remain equally pertinent in the search for improvement and that weird  thing, ‘success’… there are several benefits to being part of a well-run ‘house’… but one of the less apparent elements at the beginning has emerged as prob’ly the most important feature… the assignment of a professional editor… in my case the hawk-eyed, m’Lady, Maureen Vincent-Northam


…in the space of six months, she has run her meticulous red-inky rod across three ‘back list titles’ and has just finished editing the latest of my offerings, KILLER CITY… and I sit in serious awe of such talent… no matter how often a scribbler attempts to self-edit, there are always the things missed… Her Regal Editorial-ness captures all of it… the missed quotation marks… the replacing of a full stop with a question mark… the horrendous, capital crime, jail-worthy use of ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its’… the untangling of unruly phrases into intelligible narrative…

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…and still I learn… and LUVVIN IT!… take my WURDAuthors…whether yeez self publish or ‘house’ publish, a great editor like Maureen Vincent-Northam is priceless…  see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…Rockie Writin’ High… I’m on the Author’s Pink Cloud, and I ain’t comin’ off any time soon…


Crooked Cat Publishing…when yeez have been kicking around as long as this ol’ Jurassic, there’s not much left, really, to get the blood pumping with excitement… but yesterday, was an exceptional day… my friends at Crooked Cat Publishing contracted with me to run with the other books in my Jack Calder crime thriller series, making it a slam-dunk for all three of the current titles… ‘but wait a wee minute’, I hear yeez say, ‘isn’t Master Gallacher a supposed self-publishing advocate?’… so, is this a ‘sell-out’?, a ‘crossing of the floor of the Sacred Scribblers House?’‘what about all this punching into the SOSYAL NETWURKS as a self-publishing personage to keep yer <platform-building> alive?’… relax, relax, relax… step back, take a deep breath, Mabel… let me tell yeez a bit about how the good folks at Crooked Cat operate… the marital team of Stephanie and Laurence Patterson run the operation as a cutting-edge, hybrid publishing entity… crackling presence on the eBook channels… and accessibility to the print markets as well… precisely where this quill-scraper has been targeting all this time… I have incessantly and  forcefully stressed that regardless of whether an author is represented by an Agent and /or a Publisher, the lion’s share of the promotional and marketing activity still rests squarely on his or her literary shoulders… NUTHIN changes in that regard… the involvement in the internet merry-go-round remains an essential, nay, an imperative part of yer armoury… what Crooked Cat brings to me, and the rest of the immensely talented bunch of writers in the Cattery, is the broader sharing of the weight of ‘being present’… professional publishing people packing precisely pertinent practices… and the first present I get is an editor, in the guise of the splendid Maureen Vincent-Northam… ergo, what I’ve got this morning is that marvellous feeling… Rockie Writin’ High… I’m on the Author’s Pink Cloud, and I ain’t comin’ off any time soon…  see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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