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…what we Authors can learn from Don Vito Corleone, the ultimate Godfather…


…apart from the fact that I write crime fiction novels, far be it from me to entice yeez into a life of criminality… sure, a wee bit of murder, mayhem, and madness can go a long way… but usually only if yeez don’t get caught… Mario Puzo’s superb depiction of the Mafia is legendary… the movie trilogy of the book has held me entranced for over 40 years… now, don’t get me wrong… I’ve no desire to go around topping people… well, maybe a coupla dozen (hundred?) politicians… but, by and large I live a fairly respectable honouring-the-law-of-the-land existence…


…funny thing is, many of the quotes from the movies have stayed with me all this time… and I profess that the film versions can teach us a whole bundle about running a business… ‘this ain’t personal, it’s business’… as quill-scrapers we are all engaged in ‘the business of writing’… so let’s see how the epithets apply… talking and negotiating with agents and publishers—‘make him an offer he can’t refuse’… short of smuggling the head of a dead horse into the publisher’s boudoir while he dreams of handling Nobel Literature Prize winners, it’s imperative to send him/her stuff that’s non-put-downable… ‘don’t let emb’dy outside of the family know what yeez are thinking’…. not until yeez have secured yer copyright to yer masterpieces, that is… ‘I don’t want my kid brother coming out of that toilet with NUTHIN but his dick in his hand’… think ‘rejection slips’ here…


…in the unlikely event that yeez will find the urge to revert to more sinister ploys to rid yourselves of those who run counter to yer publishing objectives, for a small fee, or half a tin of tuna, this ol’ Jurassic may hire out the services of my main character, Jack Calder, (ex-SAS, and very handy with delivering finality where required)… ‘yeez’ll be reading about him (yer target) in the newspapers tomorrow’, or ‘he swims with the fishes’luca

so, there’s an entire parcel of what we Authors can learn from Don Vito Corleone, the ultimate Godfather‘every time I try to get out, they pull me back in’… recognise the symptoms?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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