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…one to look out for…Launching soon, Olga Swan’s ‘Lamplight’…

…doncha LUV IT!… a cracking cover page for a new release in the next coupla weeks…and all yeez have to do is click a wee button on the Great God Amazon Kindle to download it… I’ve bought mine just now… here’s what’s in store from Authoress, Olga Swan:

Olga Swan pic

(…and we get off to a great start with a picture of Olga enjoying the good life in France. A votre santé!)

My novel, Lamplight, has been forty years in the making! It’s something very personal to me, containing scenes from my early life and those of my late father, who returned to England from New York on board SS Manhattan in June 1933. So it’s no surprise that my character, David Klein, is also aboard this very same voyage. The novel starts in 1912. David is 18 when he runs away from the poverty and orthodoxy of his Jewish home in Birmingham, England, for the bright lights and opportunities of New York. But trouble is in store. From the anguish and terror of nearly drowning at sea, the story moves between New York, Birmingham and eventually to Breslau in Germany where, when working as a war reporter, he meets Karin. Together, they live through the burgeoning terror of Nazi Germany in 1938.

Book 1 in the David Klein war-reporter series.

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Stop Press. Now available for pre-order:

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lamplight-Olga-Swan-eb…/…/B01BGPVW9K
US: http://www.amazon.com/Lamplight-Olga-Swan-ebook/…/B01BGPVW9K

Coming soon is Book 2 in the David Klein, war-reporter, series, released in May 2016:




Vichyssoise is set in 1939 France during the Vichy regime. Living in France I was able to glean much of my research from original French texts.

 In an entirely different mould I wrote 3rd Degree Murder, based on my 30 years’ work experience in a red-brick English university. I always like to introduce sub-plots wherever possible. In this one a Jewish secretary and a Muslim student get together to foil their hated professor. 3rd Degree Murder is now fully available.

Murder in the 3rd degree


3rd Degree Murder by Olga Swan



Thank you so much Seumas for allowing me on your esteemed blog. Much appreciated.

… a pleasure to have you aboard, m’lady, Olga… I look forward to enjoying your latest wee masterpiece…

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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