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…literary promiscuity works…a Marriage made in Virtual Heaven?…or a Union Doomed in Internet Hell?…#TBSU…BAT…

literary promiscuity works... the well-baited fishing line thrown out in yesterday’s post by Master Gallacher has snared its first success… here’s yer maiden offering of a JOINT BLOG... from a fair maiden in her own right… my friend AUTHOR CAROLE REMY... she of the prolific novelling ilk… about to dip her prosaic toe into the enticing waters of the Kindle Select Program Free Promo… allows her post to be wrapped by commentary from this old spider lurking in his own tentacles of the WEBMs REMY encapsulates so well the angst, the trepidation, the JITTERS… oh bluudy hell, the absolutely mind-freezing scariness of letting yer wee baby into the clutches of the KGB...no, strike that, I meant the KDP… being of a more capricious bent than my ally, Ms REMY, when I first linked up with KDP, I harboured no doubts as I entered yet another one-night stand with the femme fatale of the indie publishing world… or was that a five-day stand?… and I must ‘fess up … I have not LUVVED ‘EM and LEFT ‘EM… I’ve LUVVED ‘EM and LINGERED. KDP has been gentle with me… let’s find out what Ms REMY thinks of it all… here she is:

Wedding Night Jitters: She Said, He Said

My first marriage was to Royalty. The wedding was lovely, posh and all. I even received a small dowry. At the time, I was young and naive, and didn’t know enough to have wedding night jitters. Besides, there was no performance evaluation for six months! What more could a first time bride want.

The marriage went the way so many marriages do these days. The first six month’s Royalty Statement was stellar! Our baby was a grand success! We immediately had another, also a winning performer! And then Royalty’s interest began to wain. He didn’t show up for our child’s starring role in the school play, missed soccer matches, you know the story. Royalty just wasn’t interested in promoting our children. We eventually divorced when I declined to have a third child with a disinterested parent, and that was that.

Now, I find myself on the eve of another wedding night, this time to Kindle Direct Publishing Free Days, filled with the jitters my first wedding never provoked. Of course, I have the reassurance that this marriage is forever. KDP can’t divorce me and my darling offspring TWELVE NIGHTS without also canceling all it’s other two million partners. Publishing is a polygamous, but equal, enterprise these days. And I know that this wedding night is but the first of many occasions for free-spirited bliss.

The Law of Attraction tells me to feel successful and abundant, and really, I do! I love my life, and book sales are the icing on an already delicious cake. Mmmm, wedding cake. Did I remember to call the caterers? I put in twelve orders for company Tweets, and invited all my friends to celebratweet with me. The Facebook invitations are in the mail. The wedding is even being filmed by my other new partner, T. N. Mohan, the producer who just optioned my TWELVE NIGHTS baby for her own movie!

And yet, I have the jitters. The problem is that tomorrow morning when I wake up, my new partner is going to give me a by-the-numbers evaluation of my performance. I don’t know if I can stand it!

Seumas, I need a hug!

…Seumas here, Carole… settle down, m’Lady.. it’ll be alright on the night… mega-hugs aplenty to you… just don’t wanna make your new KDP beau jealous…

…to all you wunnerful Lads and Lassies of the Blog Land out there, your support for Carole’s virgin traipse into Freebie territory will be much appreciated…

…the promo starts on Monday morning, April 29th,  00.01 am Pacific Time and here’s the links… 




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…the Compleat Idiot’s guide to Sosyal Medya…from a compleat idiot…

The Merseyside guru of all things Strawberry-Fielded and of All-Day-Sleep-ins-With-Ladies-Of-Japanese -Names, mister J.Lennon, once invoked us all to Imagine There’s No People…allegedly that was ‘easy if you try’..Nowadays, it seems even more straight forward to imagine, given the propensity to become immersed in Sosyal Medya and the Web Universe to the total exclusion of any contact whatsoever with other members of the human species…learning to use the Sosyal Medya to best effect is somewhat akin to getting rid of all the crocodiles, where ‘all you have to do’ is boil the ocean…easy concept really, but impossible to apply…I once read some advice from a golfer far better than I, which would be almost any golfer truth be known, not to try to play at the level of the best professionals, but to play to my own body shape and strengths…how does that apply to Sosyal Medya? I hear you complain about my diversion there, …simply this…there are so many elements that make up the world of electronic linkage nowadays, that trying to hunt down all of them simultaneously is the fastest route to lunacy and abject madness… like golf, there’s usually more than one obstacle to overcome in getting from start to finish…so play to your strengths…if you have a Twitter Twibe following that likes humour, then giggle up your message that way…if your Facebook Friends rejoice in photomontages, get the visuals flying, if your Goodreads Groupies gorge on in-depth descriptive passages, lyricize at will, and if your Blogging Buddies can banter with the best o’ them…indulge the Blarney…understanding that getting your messages across to different audiences requires made to measure detail is vital…being the Compleat Idiot that I am, it’s taken me more than a year thus far to fathom some of this stuff, but the dim light is flickering a little clearer as the months roll on…I even expect to see a real person soon one of these days…meantime, my own message de jour is simple..my early novel THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY is on FREE KINDLE PROMO this week, August 15th -19th... (yes, I did say ‘FREE’ and I’m a Scotsman—blue moon in the sky?) …I’ll scuttle back to my ward now, meantime the links are here :

Amazon.co.uk link


Amazon.com link



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