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…more Rolls of Honour…the aRT of the RT…

There are some Twitter people apparently who profess great interest in getting ReTweets about what other people have for their breakfast…from my side I have to confess I really don’t give a snap, crackle, or pop about any of that…but I have become a cereal, oops, serial offender of another type of RT. One of the major tools the great God, Web-by has given us is the ability to viral-ize (if that’s a new word for your lexicon, I’m claiming it Mr Webster) messages at the speed of a button touch…Through an instrument that I still don’t fully comprehend, TweetDeck, I am gifted the propensity to filter and see the tweets of other authors in this marvelous family who are, quite bluntly, looking for the proverbial leg up…and why not, I say?…the labours of the fraternity/sorority of the quill-pushers netherworld are often unseen, angst-ridden, hair pulling ( for those of us who have any left ) late-night, early-morning  sessions,,,foregoing contact for eons on end from the rest of humanity…the simple gift of rewarding these lost souls lies at the end of our collective thumb…ReTweeting. The algorithm (lovely word, that… must look it up some time to see what it means) that multiplies the thumb-tapping is incredibly powerful…try it, you’ll like it…the pleasure that comes from helping one of our own to get ethereal traction is free, and it’s wonderfully satisfying … a few times every day, when I have even five or ten minutes to browse my filter list of author tweets, I rejoice in clicking RTs left, right and centre, even for authors I have no direct Twitter relationship with (yet), and lo and behold, at some time later, that treasure is returned…i LUV IT !!!! Now what about those who may complain about the so-called ‘spamming’ slant  to all of this?..The GRUMPIES..?  Let them steep in their grump, I say… these are the same GRUMPIES who spend about a hundred dollars to have a whole library on Kindle, then whine when an author has the audacity to ask for a couple of bucks for a year’s work, less than the price of half a doughnut in some places… well, let them eat doughnut, I say…RT and be damned… Here’s the beginnings only of a list of fabulous pals I’ve encountered on this happy trudge, who are not averse to the odd RT here and there, and others who spend a lot of their own time assisting others in the authors diaspora to breath a little of the summer air…It is NOT comprehensive, and it is NOT in any particular order of merit ( ‘coz sometimes we all can be just a tad PRECIOUS about such things, can’t we…?)






















































































































Sheesh.., I’m quite tuckered out with all that typing,…Nurse, can you sort my pillow, I think I’ll take my nap now…see y’all later…….


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