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…my Open Season for guest bloggers sees my great friend Cynthia St.Pierre pitch a question to ponder…#TBSU…

…conventional wisdom says  not to judge a book by its cover…how about not judging a reader by the cover of the book he/she is reading from? …Intrigued?..read on, this excellent offering from Cynthia…

Masculist Revolution…from Cynthia St.Pierre and Melodie Campbell

 Nowadays parents accept sons playing in miniature kitchens. Maks Chmerkovskiy of Dancing with the Stars makes it hot and cool at the same time to be a male ballroom dancer. What about male freedom of choice in the book domain? Surely there’s no need for a man to purchase a faux-leather cover to disguise a Maeve Binchy novel? Um, maybe. Here’s the game changer. Not if he’s reading an e-book. E-books are the soul of discretion.

Of course there are brave souls out there who openly read whatever they want. A handsome male friend of mine who originally hales from Peru read the paperback version of A Purse to Die For, the mystery I co-wrote with Melodie Campbell. He did not hesitate to tell me he loved it and that it reminded him of the Hércule Poirot novels he devoured as a kid.

David Coles, co-author of action-packed thriller The Diamond Seekers, wrote a positive Amazon customer review of A Purse to Die For saying of Purse that it “introduced me to the somewhat different perspective that women have on life—and fashion—and the opposite sex.”

What I’m getting at is despite the mention of an essential item of women’s apparel in the title and the sweet—ignoring the body outline and the blood splatter of course—chic lit cover, some members of the opposite sex are reading and enjoying our traditional amateur sleuth mystery.

Would you hesitate to read A Purse to Die For in its paperback glory? What about in e-book format?

I could always encourage you by sending you to the website www.realmenreadwomen.com.

With open arms, Melodie and I welcome 100% of the population to read our first novel, not just 49.8% of the female persuasion. Yes, as of 2012, men slightly outnumber women around the globe.

And if you like what you read, men, Melodie and I have more murders, more suspects and more women’s accessories to die for coming!

 Vive la révolution!



In marketing Cynthia wrote promotional, packaging and communications materials; penned articles for business periodicals; and a chapter of How to Successfully Do Business in Canada. Currently a member of Crime Writers of Canada, she has one award for fiction and has been a writing contest judge. Best of all for a mystery writer, Cynthia has received a York Regional Police Citizens Awareness Program certificate, presented and signed by Julian Fantino, former Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police. Cynthia grows vegetables in her backyard, makes recipes with tofu, and speaks English-accented French with husband Yves.

A PURSE TO DIE FOR is available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Drop by chock-full-of-veggie-recipes vegetariandetective.blogspot.com, written in the voice of character Becki Green. Follow Cynthia on twitter.com/stpierrecynthia, and/or find out more about Melodie and Cynthia and their joint writing projects on fashionationwithmystery.com.



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