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…3 books which have stuck in my mind for decades… what’s your pick?… TBSU…

…this ol’ Jurassic’s been an avid reader since the age of 4… for the last 60 years, my reading range and number of books, novels, poetry collections, plays, classics, garbage, old and recent is immeasurable… however, there are some which enter yer mind, and never leave… I’m sure most of yeez out there have similar experience… whatever it is that makes one piece of literature more memorable than another is down purely to personal taste… …’vive la difference’ as our French friends say… it prob’ly depends on what day yeez ask me, and I’m certain I’d have various answers on diverse days, but three among the many that stay with me constantly are here :

1. How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn

…I first read this as a mid-teenager… this story of hardship in the Welsh mining communities struck a chord with me, which has been resonating ever since… the prose remains as magical now as when I first read it… the juxtapositioning of the hardship of those eking a living from the mining valleys, and one particularly sensitive love scene is uncanny… this is one of the few books which I read time and again, just to savour the novelist’s evocative use of language…

2. East of Eden by John Steinbeck

…among many powerful novels by the master of American West Coast literature, the tale of the Trask family is intriguing enough, but the main source of reading enjoyment is the role played by Lee, the old Chinese houseboy, into whose mouth Steinbeck places the wisdom and balance that flows from the book…

3. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

…for sheer pleasure of reading in the proper English literature style, little comes close to Dickens… the opening chapter of the book, ‘I AM BORN,’ has few if any betters for an opening… the characters have ageless identification… it took several readings over the years for me to grasp what wonderful literature it really is, because the story line itself takes the reader away so easily…

…so, there’s my three for today… what’s yours, and why?…



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… how will ye recognise me?…I’ll be wearing nothing but a fireman’s helmet, frogman’s flippers and a rose between my teeth…#TBSU…

… there’s some people to whom standing out from the crowd comes easily… the Lady Gaga, to name but six… (has anyone ever seen what she really looks like?)… Johnny Depp, in whatever guise he appears… Joan Rivers, just by hearing her talking… for the rest of us, p’raps it’s a tad more laborious to get ‘heard above the noise’… but happily, we don’t have to shout… as quill-scrapers, we have an innate element to accost our adoring publics with… our VOICE... no, Mabel, not my rasping Scots vernacular, nor the charming dulcet melody of Matron’s vocal klaxon… we’re talking about AUTHOR’S VOICE... it took me a wee while to catch on to what the heck it meant… ye’ll know it like this … supposing ye pick up a novel… any novel… by, say Lee Child, ye’ll know right away who wrote it without looking at the title page… Clancy, Steinbeck, that Rowling Lassie…and going back a while, Chuck Dickens and even Billy Shakespeare... it’s like their writing stamp … how do ye develop it?… my tuppence worth says, ye don’t… I think if ye scribble and type like ye think and converse, ye’re halfway there already… any time I try to get ‘proper’ writing into it, invariably it comes out all stilted and over-formal… especially with dialogue… the dialogue bit, I believe’s more easy to cure by simply reading it out loud… if ye’ve any ear at all, it becomes kinda obvious… it’s the filling-in parts… the narrative… the picture- and scene-construction stuff that takes more technique… the Masters have it… and that’s also another reason why it’s important to continue to read other authors’ work… the minute I stop learning, I’m dead in the water… new authors come along from time to time that also have that distinctive VOICE... go grab copies of the recent productions from my pal, Master Andrew Peters (he of the Otis King Blues Detective fame)… marvellous inflection… ye almost get inside the writer’s head reading his stuff… now, THAT’S what we want to achieve as peons of the pen… (no, I don’t get a share of his massive royalty checks)… see yeez later…

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