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…my dear friend, Authoress Anne Allen’s new literary baby, ECHOES OF TIME, is born…

…a close ‘literary family’ friend, Authoress Anne Allen, delights me by allowing a Birth Notice on this ‘ere blog regarding her latest beautiful baby, ECHOES OF TIME

Iphoto for email

Thanks so much, M’Lud Seumas for allowing this humble scribbler to take up ink – or should that be type? – room on your world-famous blog. I believe we both sent out our first-born books into the world around the same time more than four years ago. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having so much fun? I’m now releasing my fifth bairn, I mean book, into the cruel world, so I guess this means I’ve had quintuplets, only separated by time and space. Whatever.

I write The Guernsey Novels series, named for the beautiful island where all (or most of) the action takes place. I spent nearly fourteen happy years there when my children were still children and not the grown-ups they’ve since become. After reluctantly returning to England in 2002 and continuing to practise as a psychotherapist, I finally took the plunge in 2006 and began writing my first novel, Dangerous Waters.  It was my homage to the place I loved. At the time I had no idea or desire to write a series. I just wanted to prove I could write a novel. One that would be snapped up pronto by and agent and publisher, making me the fortune I was already spending in my head. Alas, dear reader, it was not to be. Salvation came in the form of self-publishing, allowing me to launch my book in 2012 to muted acclaim, but a chest-full of pride. Having enjoyed the writing process so much, I promptly started on the next book, also set in Guernsey, and it wasn’t until after I’d finished it that I realised I was writing a series. Book three heralded ‘The Guernsey Novels’, a series of standalone books linked to each other by characters and place.  And by book four the quartet had bright new covers and began to look like the siblings they are.

3D Cover x 4 PNG (1)


…Anne has reduced the price of the second and third ebooks to 99p/99c from 12th – 19th August (the first is perma 99p/c) 


So now to book five, the star of this show. ‘Echoes of Time’ proved to be a slight variation on a theme for me, being the first dual-time novel I’ve written and I loved writing it so much, it won’t be the last.

Echoes of Time  3D Cover


Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite – I hope☺

Betrayal, injustice and revenge echo down the years…

Olive marries farmer Bill Falla. The Germans occupy Guernsey.

All too soon Olive realises she’s made a mistake.

Her life changes when she meets Wolfgang, a German officer-

but there’s a price to pay. . .

Natalie Ogier returns to Guernsey to escape an abusive relationship – only to be plagued by odd happenings in her beautiful cottage on the site of a derelict and secluded farm. Disturbing dreams, disembodied voices and uncanny visions from the past. She becomes increasingly ill at ease as someone else’s past catches up with her own…

Her only immediate neighbour, Stuart, is the grandson of the original owners, Bill and Olive.

Thrown together in a bid to find out what really happened to Olive, can they each survive the repercussions of the past and move on?

And here’s an excerpt –

chapter one

Guernsey – 1987

Olive was cooking her usual meagre supper of scrambled eggs on toast when the sound of heavy footsteps outside made her jump. No-one ever visited and this was how she liked it. Always had. Her heart pounded as she moved the pan off the blackened range and turned to face the back door. Unlocked as was the custom in safe little Guernsey. Or was it safe? Grabbing a knife she watched, immobile, as the knob turned and the door began to open. The man stood silhouetted against the early evening sky and she stared hard at his shape, puzzled. There was something familiar about the slope of the shoulders and the angle of his head. Her mouth went dry in the moment before the door closed and he moved into the light.

It couldn’t be! Not after all this time…She felt her legs tremble and leant back against the range.

‘Hello, Olive. Bet you didn’t expect to see me again, did you?’ He chuckled, humourlessly.

She hid the knife up her sleeve and pulled the darned cardigan around her thin body. Old memories surfaced as she fought to stay calm.

‘We…we heard you were dead. You didn’t come back–’

‘No, well, I found someone and something better, didn’t I? But it doesn’t look as if you have.’ His gaze was contemptuous as he looked her up and down, and Olive was conscious of how unkempt she looked. Poverty does that to a person. Whereas he was immaculately dressed in what looked like a designer suit. A successful man. She watched, helpless, as his gaze wandered over the kitchen, and she registered, for the first time in years, how dirty and shabby it looked. The kitchen which had once been kept spotless. Feelings of shame, mixed with overriding fear, flooded her mind. What did he want?

His eyes alighted on the only personal item in the room. And the last thing she wanted him to see. She moved forward, attempting to block his view, but he pushed her aside and picked up the photo in its cheap wooden frame.

‘Who’s this?’ he demanded, his face flushed with anger.

A look she knew all too well.

Her stomach clenched. Could she lie? Pretend it was someone else? As her head whirled with possibilities he seized her arm, twisting it. She cried out in pain and the knife clattered onto the granite floor. Swiftly he grabbed it while still holding onto her arm. Olive’s knees buckled.

He thrust the knife towards her chest and she screamed.


‘Don’t even think of lying,’ he hissed.

‘It’s…it’s my…our daughter–’

The world went black.



Amazon Author Page: http://Author.to/AnneAllen

…great novels, all, thanks m’Lady, Anne… go fill yer Kindles and stuff, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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Tag! You’re an Author and You’re “It”

Posted on 14th December 2012  by Seumas Gallacher

You know this game, but you may never have played it this way: Tag! You’re the author who’s “It” so you have to play the game by sharing your Work in Progress (WIP) or it’s straight to bed without supper for you. Alexandra Szeman tagged me, and these are the rules:

  • Give credit (including the URL/link) to the person or blog that caught you when you were frantically trying to run away, slugged you on the arm, and thus made you “It”
  • Play by the rules – no pinching, kicking, crying, spitting, or throwing tantrums – which includes posting the rules
  • Answer ten questions about your current WIP, no matter the genre, because maybe we’d like to get to know you better (actually it’s only 9 questions as far as I can tell, since the 10th “question” is the next step)
  • List five other authors or bloggers, with their hiding places (URL/links), so we can chase them down and make them “It” so the rest of us who are done playing can go in,  eat our supper, and check out their other books.

1. What is the title (or working title) of your WIP book?


2. What genre(s) does your book fall under (or brush up against)?

Crime Thriller, action, Ex-SAS guys and a pretty-handy-with-her-own-black-ops-skills Chinese lady chase down tons of bad lads and give them the proverbial belt on the mouth ….

3. Which actors would you choose to play the characters in the film version of your book? (should you ever get it optioned and actually get lucky enough to have principal photography started, the film made and distributed… well, you get the idea…)

I’ve already had SUCH a clamour from the acting profession for even the teeniest wee bittie parts, you probably wouldn’t believe it, including from a cat called Fido that I used to own….it’ would be crass of me to name them all…

4. What is the one-sentence synopsis Pitch for your book? (The synopsis gives the plot & ending, so no one should be answering that question; the Pitch gets the readers interested without giving away the ending. Synopsis = Spoilers = Bad)

Former commandos have their own niche security firm and use their special black ops arts liberally to sort out the villains from the criminal world of drugs, murder, mayhem and refusing to shop at Tesco….

5. Will your book be Indie published, self-published, or represented by an agency and sold to a traditional publisher?

At present, the joys of self publishing still reign supreme over the Trad Lads, but I’M NOT AVERSE TO HAVING A HUGE PUBLISHING HOUSE COME IN TO MY NEGOTIATING BOOTH...(the big print is for my Auntie Mabel, who’s hard of seeing, and NOT for the aforementioned huge publishing house…[Oh Yeah ?]..)…

6. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

This is the third book I’m into now, and it’s not yet done..the first one took 3 months to write, the second 12 months, this one’s already at 5 months..I’ve been busying  myself of late with a comprehensive re-editing overhaul of the first two, using a software editing package that’s just magnificent (no kidding). I’ve been positively surprised as to how much I’m enjoying trying to get the edit done properly…

7. What other books in this genre would you compare yours to? 

It’s akin to fast page-turning action novels, but let me please emphasise, it’s NOT the Andy McNab type of SAS storyline…my guys are EX-SAS, so they have  a different angle on their approach to their contracts…

8. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Being the third novel so far in the batch, I suppose I’d have to refer to the FIRST book being motivated by a lifelong desire (at last) to write…just write..and i’m LUVIN’ IT!!!…

9. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

If you like the kinda old-fashioned premise that the good guys ultimately put one over on the bad guys, and don’t mind how ruthless they become to achieve that, you’ll like these books…

10. Thank god, I’ve finally run fast enough to catch five other authors (and any who don’t have a blog of their own to answer these questions are welcome to do a guest post on mine):

Stephen Edger

David McGowan

James Oswald

Anne Allen

Janna Gray

Gotchya. You’re “It”!

PS.Regular followers of my blog will know by now what a dummy I am with doing things like ‘links’ and ‘URLs’ ..I’ll ensure that any production from my ‘tag-ees’ will be circulated extensively in due course… you’re welcome, Mabel… cheers …


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