…brave ‘new’ communication frontier for this ol’ Jurassic scribbler…

…over the past two or three weeks, I invited folks on my Facebook pages to enlist for a regular direct mailing shot from me, as I felt the lack of a ‘space’ in my SOSYAL NETWURKS to get closer to my readers, authors and blogger friends… responses to be put on the list have been gratifying so far… if yeez wanna join it, please let me know either by email to seumasgallacher@yahoo.com or by DM on Facebook… existing friends on all my SOSYAL NETWURKS will only be listed on this one if they specifically ask to be on it, as I abhor anything that even remotely resembles spamming… here’s the first email posting which went out today, to give yeez a wee taster:

Email from Seumas:


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…my immersion in DEADLY IMPASSE… in more ways than one…

…occasionally Master Gallacher dabbles in poetry… NUTHIN to scare the Laureate Selection Panel, I can assure yeez… I’m a firm believer that the most avid follower of emb’dy’s poetry is usually the Poet/Poetess himself/herself… in essence, it’s a highly personalized thing… and so it is with me… however, there are times when I indulge the bardic Muse when certain trains of thought are bouncing around in my head… when I was squeezing onto the laptop the most recent Jack Calder thriller, DEADLY IMPASSE, I wrote the following as CHAPTER 2

               DEADLY IMPASSE – CHAPTER 2

‘…The intense darkness engulfed the dinghy. Wave after wave crashed heavily along the sides, the spray soaking the passengers. Four dozen people crammed into the craft as its grossly underpowered outboard engine struggled to make headway against the roiling water. The promised lifejackets had not appeared prior to setting off from the Libyan shoreline two hours earlier, but desperation to make the journey had overcome the hesitation to board. A new life beckoned at the end of the voyage. Several families and a few young, single men had clambered in and arranged themselves to balance the dinghy as they pushed off. The handlers told them the crossing would take no more than three hours. The safety of the coastline of Italy beckoned across the pitch-black night. Parents hugged the younger children tighter with words of reassurance they were almost there. With each successive pounding from the sea, many of the children began to cry.

The sweeping searchlight from the approaching coastguard vessel picked them out just before the huge, rogue wave hit the craft broadsides. The slew of bodies from one side to the other was too much to keep it stable. The inevitable capsizing turned the dinghy upside down, pitching everyone aboard into the water. The screams were inaudible against the screeching wind as the crew on the cutter reacted as swiftly as they could.

Less than fifteen passengers were pulled aboard alive. Deterioration in the weather made rescue efforts increasingly hazardous as the coastguard men retrieved seven bodies. An estimated further two dozen souls drowned. The captain decided further recovery was impossible after half an hour and headed back for the Italian shoreline.

The waiting international news cameras recorded the next day’s photographs for the world’s consumption. They could barely capture the depth of the survivors’ horror.’

…that Chapter scene was riveted in my mind for weeks after I wrote that… and here’s the ensuing piece of poetry that evolved (which is not in the novel)…

How many more migrants must we lose?

Hold on tight, don’t cry, my son,

This will not last too long.

Listen how your Mama sings

Your favourite nursing song.

This water will not harm us now

We’re nearly at the shore.

Be strong and brave, my boy

And we’ll be wet no more.


Yes, yes, that wave was huge, I know,

But hang on tight, be safe with me.

This darkness merely hides the land

We’re getting closer now, you’ll see.

The sea is wild but brings us fast.

This wind behind our back

Will blow us into land quite soon.

Watch us veer and tack.


No, please don’t cry, my lad,

I’m here to hold you tight

This angry sea won’t harm you

We’ll be safe ere blows the night

Talk to Papa, tell me things,

All the things you’d like to say.

Tell me how we’ll live our lives

On the shore we near this day.


Papa, truly, truly I am scared.

These waves are far too tall.

And this darkness blinds my eyes.

I hate this, hate this all.

Papa, Papa, the boat is tipping over,

Papa, Papa, where’s your hand?

Papa, Papa, catch me please.

Papa, Papa……….. Papa?

Seumas Gallacher

October 16th, 2016

…all too sadly, much of our fiction as writers is born in fact… this scene was meant as fiction, but it sticks vividly with me almost every day… thanks for reading it…


…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…time after time… Authoress, K.J. Waters has another glorious book launch…

…it’s always a great delight to watch a fellow scribbler follow up a terrific novel with an equally compelling read… my great pal, Authoress, K.J. Waters has delivered Shattering Time in a continuation from her tremendously successful Stealing Time… but let her speak for herself…

KJ Waters on Time Travel

I’m so excited to be back in your blog Seumas. It is a delightful honor and I hope you find my post worthy of your wit and charm and exceptional blogging platform.

I wanted to share a little bit about my writing and celebrate my new release, Shattering Time, the second book in the Stealing Time Series. As a fellow writer I think you will understand the bliss of releasing a book you’ve spent a year or more writing and the immense sense of relief at the freedom to focus on something else for a while.

First, I would like to ask your readers an intriguing question. If you could go back in time where would you go? One of the beautiful things about being a writer is you can dive into this type of conjecture and explore in a deeper way what this would entail. Choose wisely, for my research has shown that perhaps the imaginings of being in that particular place may far exceed the reality of that visit.

The Stealing Time Series addresses this time travel question in depth. Of course, after I’ve made the book a page-turner and put my poor heroine, Ronnie Andrews, in such terrible trouble repeatedly, I would NOT choose these times and places to visit in reality. It has been a great adventure to do so as a writer though.

The areas I have chosen for Ronnie to explore were just the kernel of desire and intrigue that put me on the path of discovery. In Stealing Time, I chose 1752 London at a time where there was a literal shift in time from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. The English along with its colonies, lost 11 days that September. I couldn’t resist this gold mine of intrigue and mystery as a back drop for my debut novel.

In the next book, Shattering Time just released last week, Ronnie is taken to three different places and times. First, she is deposited on a beach in the Bahamas in 1952 with beautiful crystal clear waters and a handsome man to join the fun. Only problem is that they are shipwrecked and like the genie that grants your wishes there is a twist that ends up biting you in the…um, I don’t want to give away too much.

Her last destination in that book has always been intriguing to me – The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. It is one of America’s first mysteries where we find English colonists attempting to create the first colony in the New World in 1588. To this day no one knows what happened to them. It was a challenge to come up with my own version but I hope you do check it out and see what happens to Ronnie in that special time and place.

I would like to invite you to a special sale on the first book in the series, Stealing Time, that is available as an eBook for only 99 cents until July 7 on Amazon here: http://geni.us/StealingTimeGuestBlog.

If you prefer paperbacks, I can offer you both books in the series for $25 plus shipping, that’s a savings of $5, click here: http://geni.us/webpromo. Please visit my website at kjwaters.com and join my newsletter.

Please check out my newly released Shattering Time. http://geni.us/shatteringguestblog


KJ Waters Bio

KJ Waters is the Amazon best-selling author of the short-story called Blow and #1 best-seller Stealing Time. The second book in the series, Shattering Time, was just published on June 27, 2017 and the next day reached #6 on the UK Amazon site, and was #2 as a hot new release for one category, seating neatly after Michael Crichton’s Dragon Teeth.

In addition to her writing, she is the CEO of Blondie’s Custom Book Covers and the co-host of the popular podcast Blondie and the Brit.

She has a Master’s in Business and over 15 years of experience in the marketing field. Before quitting her job to raise a family and work on writing she was the Director of Marketing and communications for a national behavioral healthcare company.

Shattering Time Blurb:

The number one best-selling thriller Stealing Time continues its “breathtakingly original” journey.

Ronnie Andrews returns from eighteenth-century London shell-shocked from her first terrifying time travel encounter. Her boyfriend, Jeffrey Brennan, casts doubt on her sanity leaving Ronnie wondering if she went back in time or is having a mental breakdown.

To add to the tension, Hurricane Frances, a storm the size of Texas, is barreling towards Florida and her fears of a repeat time travel experience mount. Ronnie’s best friend Steph, along with her friend Nick and Steph’s younger brother Ian, shield Ronnie from the dangers of Frances but cannot save her from traveling back in time. Unfortunately, their meddling brings Ronnie to the brink of destruction as they are caught in the throes of the hurricane’s wrath.

Once again, Ronnie is transported to dangerous places and plagued with desperate situations, while experiencing perilous cultures including one of America’s first mysteries — the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.
A stunning conclusion brings Ronnie face to face with a dangerous ally who may hold the key to her past while offering salvation for her future.


…thanks for this, m’Lady, K.J. … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…another beaut from the pen of the amazing Matt Hilton…

…one of the really good guys in the authors’ community, my pal, Matt Hilton, has his latest Joe Hunter crime thriller, MARKED FOR DEATH,  launching soon… here he shares some of that arduous journey that leads to what’s laughingly called ‘being an overnight success – after decades of hard slog!’… I salute you, that man…

Rocky Road Blues (or My Path To Publication)

For more than almost three decades I aspired to be a published author, and in any spare time I had between working and raising a family, I would be working on my next book, short story or article. Other than a few articles in ‘Combat’, a monthly magazine dedicated to the martial arts, I had no success in placing any of my work with a publisher. I started writing early, penning short stories as a child, and even completed my first novel – a coming of age tale – when I was in my early teens. I then switched to writing heroic fantasy, along the lines of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian tales, but was unfortunately never going to break into the market with them. However, in my early twenties I began writing crime thrillers, quite simply because they were the kind of books I enjoyed reading, many of which were penned by American authors. Seven novels, and around five hundred short stories and almost twenty years later and I was still unpublished. I had lost count of the number of rejections received back from the dozens of publishers and agents I’d submitted to. You’d think by then I’d have got the message that I wasn’t much of a writer and given up on my dream, but call me stubborn.

I was still hopeful of getting a book published, and although my career to date had been one of rejection there had been a few near misses. I entered a competition run by my local arts council for aspiring authors to be mentored by a published author. My novel was placed second. I entered another competition in a writers’ magazine where the winner had their novel published, and again came second. In the late 1990’s I submitted a novel to one of the Big Five publishers and entered into communication with them towards publication. However they chose to pass in the end, deciding that my book wasn’t as commercially viable as they hoped. Some people might see those near misses as cause to spiral into depression, and it would have been easy to throw my toys out of the pram, but I decided to look at them as ‘almost there’ rather than ‘not near enough’. It gave me the encouragement to carry on.

It took an epiphany of sorts on my part before I discovered the strategy that finally got me a deal. You see, that term ‘commercial viability’ had stuck with me, and I only had to take a cursory look back at the seven novels I’d previously submitted to show me where I was going wrong. They were all standalone books, with no prospect of a follow up. Publishers are in the market of establishing authors and characters that readers return to time and time again. I only had to look at my own reading habit to see that I followed authors writing series’ with recurring characters and themes. At the time, Simon Kernick had just hit the big time and a quick glance in the acknowledgements gave me the name of his agent. I decided to send out a submission to his agent, who by chance had just been named literary agent of the year. In my accompanying letter, I explained how this was the first in a planned series, and name-dropped a few huge names in the action thriller genre that the books might appeal to. On the back of that I was invited to London to meet with the agent, and given a pile of homework to re-write and edit my book. I worked at it feverishly over the next few months, and then resubmitted my book to said agent, who snapped it up and immediately sent it to auction with a group of publishers all competing to be my publisher. As fate would have it, the publisher that won was the same one I’d interested in one of my earlier books, albeit nine years earlier. Any way, my debut novel – Dead Men’s Dust – became the first in my on-going series of action-packed thrillers featuring vigilante with a heart, Joe Hunter. I was lauded as a break out success and an overnight sensation. If only those who thought I’d been successful with my first book knew the truth. My overnight was one almost thirty years in the making!

My road to publication had some rocky patches, and there were times when I grew despondent, but I just had to hitch up my trousers and carry on. I’m seriously glad that I did. My twelfth Joe Hunter thriller – MARKED FOR DEATH – is about to be published on 17th July 2017.


Matt Hilton is the author of the high-octane Joe Hunter thriller series, and the Tess Grey and Po Villere thrillers. His first book, ‘Dead Men’s Dust’, was shortlisted for the International Thriller Writers’ Debut Book of 2009 Award, and was a Sunday Times bestseller, also being named as a ‘thriller of the year 2009’ by The Daily Telegraph. Dead Men’s Dust was also a top ten Kindle bestseller in 2013 and 2016.

Matt has published novels in the supernatural/horror genre, namely ‘Preternatural’, ‘Dominion’, ‘Darkest Hour’ and ‘The Shadows Call’.

His next Joe Hunter novel, Marked For Death, will be published 17th July 2017, and his next Tess and Po novel, Worst Fear, on 29th September 2017.

www.matthiltonbooks.com website

https://twitter.com/MHiltonauthor  @MHiltonauthor Twitter

www.facebook.com/MattHiltonAuthor Facebook

www.facebook.com/MattHiltonBooks official author page at Facebook

About the book:

 Joe Hunter has been Marked for Death in his most explosive outing to date

It should be a routine job. Joe Hunter and his associates are hired to provide security for an elite event in Miami. Wear a tux, stay professional, job done.

But things go wrong.

Hunter is drawn into what appears to be a domestic altercation. When he crosses the mysterious Mikhail however, he soon finds something altogether more sinister…

Before long this chance encounter has serious repercussions for Hunter and his friends. Good people are being killed. On the run, in the line of fire, the clock is ticking.

From the bars of Miami Beach to car chases and superyacht grenade battles, bestseller Matt Hilton dials up the intensity in this rip-roaring, set-piece filled thriller perfect for fans of Lee Child, David Baldacci and Stephen Leather.

 Available for pre-order now:  http://amzn.eu/8jiDk7w

….cheeeeeeeeeers, that man, Matt… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…the loneliness of the long-distance Author…

…here’s a regurgitation of a post I did almost four years ago… and the context holds even more true today than I thought it did back then… my salute to the stamina of every Author and Authoress who gets to type ‘THE END’ on their wee masterpieces… enjoy…

…even the shyest of people need company from time to time… hermits, real hermits, measure less than 0.00000648 percent of the WURLD’s population… cloistered monks and sisters of the cloth in their monkeries and sisteries at least have the presence of their ilk round them on a constant basis… the brooding G.Garbo and H.Hughes had lots of M.Money around them to alleviate their solitary exclusion of the rest of the planet… which makes it apparent to me, Mabel, that it’s abnormal to ‘want to be alone’… yet, hundreds of thousands of quill-scraper Lads and Lassies of Blog Land choose just such a devoted pathway… yes, yeez can point to the Web, and all its SOSYAL NETWURK trappings… where at the click of yer mouse, yeez can be in touch with twenty-five trillion people simultaneously… but, and it’s a big ‘but’... it’s not the same as being with people in the flesh… the myriad virtual-candlelit garrets wherein the scribing successes of the future literary generation reside hold their own special importance… being a writer is lonely… no-one else can sculpt the characters, plots, nuances of yer own story-telling… it’s unique to each and every one of yeez… I know I bang on occasionally here about the real WURK starting after yeez’ve finished yer masterpiece, in getting it accepted in the Big Bad WURLD out there… that doesn’t detract from the beauty and the adrenaline rush of actually typing ‘THE END’… yeez can try to share that feeling with others… but it’s impossible for them to feel what yeez feel yerself at that precise moment of conclusion… and all the heartache, all the pain, all the angst, all the suffered loneliness of the long-distance Author, all the ‘alls’… are worth every nano-second of this peculiar labour of love… and then, fools that yeez are (me included), what do yeez do then?… yeez start another one!… pass me my candle, Mabel, I’ve my next masterpiece to write… see yeez later…



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…pssssst!… wanna join me in my latest foray into the Wunnerful WURLD of the Web?…

…hear ye! hear ye! here ye!

…I make no secret of it… I LUV what I do… my day job as a corporate adviser/company troubleshooter/executive coach/management trainer gives me tons of satisfaction… oh, and by the way, it also contributes to paying the bills, always a handy facet… but it will come as no surprise to emb’dy who knows me on here, it comes a distant second to the pleasure of being not just an author, but a writer who gleefully embraces all the SOSYAL NETWURKS that comes with it these days… over the decade or so that my scribbling of the Jack Calder crime thrillers series took over my wee grey cells, I’ve enjoyed the interaction with the thousands of friends that have been amassed through the Twitter, Facebook, Google+ channels, and especially this ‘ere Blog… on occasions when I travel out of the Middle East where I currently reside and WURK, I’ve begun meeting pals, other authors, readers, and bloggers in get-togethers in London (twice), Manchester and Glasgow (twice) on a face -to face basis… and all of that has been glorious fun… now I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know, Mabel, but some thinking nonetheless), that I’d like to broaden the ‘personal’ feel even more online… recently I posted on Facebook that I’d like to try to create sum’thing along the lines of a regular ‘Newsletter‘ but kinda different to that… the objective is to generate an active TWO-WAY exchange of thoughts, ideas, and so on… to that end I’m inviting folks to join a list of pals with me by giving me their names on email, through seumasgallacher@yahoo.com or by DM on Facebook… I’d be happy to have all of yeez come aboard on this latest foray into the Wunnerful WURLD of the Web… hope yeez’ll sign up … see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…I’m not Jack Calder… but I know a guy who might know him…

…as Authors we’re often asked, ‘is any of yer stuff autobiographical?’… well, unless it’s yer own life story, p’raps only wee bits of yerself and past experiences will creep into yer literary masterpieces… my Jack Calder crime thrillers are no exception to that… the main characters are former SAS officers… in a previous life, Master Gallacher spent some time as a corporate troubleshooter in the Philippines, one engagement there being to effect the turnaround of an ailing shipping company… ‘so where does the SAS in yer books fit into that benign scenario?’ I hear yeez ask… here’s how: in the first month around the company’s piers and cargo yards in the slum area of Tondo in Manila (a notorious squatter area housing over 125,000 people, a large number of whom were criminals and drug dealers), I fired 600 dockside trade union members… next to go were local mayors and policemen up and down the country in ports where the company’s vessels called daily… these men were supposed to be looking after our interests, when in fact much of the time they were simply lining their own pockets at the company’s expense… it had to stop… the abruptness of the actions taken had swift repercussions… in short order we were informed via the friendly Mayor’s office in Manila that a couple of ‘contract hits’ had been sanctioned against this stupid, interfering, disruptive Scots fellow … I relayed this to my principals who told me to ‘get security’… I said ‘I’m a banker, not bluudy Rambo!’… net result was an armoured car and a rotation team of 6 armed bodyguards for three years… the detail who looked after me were from a firm owned by a former SAS officer… there’s yer connection…

…pictured above is a lad called Adonis, the team leader and as cool and efficient an operator yeez will ever meet… alongside him was another champion guy, Raffy, shown with his firearm on the left below…

…and I literally had to trust them with my life… in one thankfully false alarm occasion, the details of which I will not bore yeez with, I was screamed at by Raffy, ‘You! get down!’… none of yer ‘please, sirs’… in seconds, I had two guards on top of me covering my body in classic line-of-fire style… here’s a picture of a very much younger me with more hair and much less girth than at present, with Raffy at my right hand side and Adonis taking up the rear cover alongside another agent… the loose shirts hid their firearms… note also the blurb about our security people protecting access to the company’s precincts…

…these guys were excellently trained, and I maintain the greatest respect for their skills… I even had to learn how to shoot from a rolling stance on the ground, and what to do in x, y and z situations… latterly, I was not allowed out of Manila without wearing a bulletproof armoured vest… so, yes, a wee bit of past experience has sneaked into my novels… I could tell yeez more, but then I’d have to shoot yeez… that’s how that WURKS…  right??!!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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