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…memories that still make me smile… recall #1… Zorba’s Dance…

…many of you will know that I recently published my autobiography on Auntie Amazon Kindle, ‘STRANGELY, I’M STILL HERE‘… in the memoir were many incidents which accorded me such fun at the time, that I’ve decided to focus on some of these in a series of wee blog posts… this is #1… here’s a You Tube piece I shared recently which captures that wonderful dance exhilaration in the movie, Zorba with Anthony Quinn… in my book, I refer to two great guys in London 40 years ago, with whom I became great pals and drinking buddies (in the days  before I relinquished my indulgence for the ‘electric soup’)… one was a Scotsman, Duncan Campbell, later to become best man at my first wedding, and his mate, an enormous bundle of Irish mischief, only ever known to me as ‘Paddy’… they were partners in the London Metropolitan Police Force’s special Serious Crimes Squad, known as ‘The Flying Squad’, with the cockney rhyming tag. ‘The Sweeney’ (from ‘Sweeney Todd’)… this anti-hard-crime-gangsters pair were formidable, tough-as-nails, fighting men when needed… Duncan was six feet, two inches tall, and Paddy was four inches taller, making me the midget of our trio… Duncan had a girlfriend who worked in a Greek club in Soho, in London’s West End, and frequently we would arrive at the club well after midnight, already having spent time in various other entertainment establishments… the Greek club boasted two amazing bouzouki players… I lost count of the times when the three of us linked arms on the wooden flooring, and danced that most masculine of Greek dances to the terrific music backdrop… often, other patrons would join in, and the fun and intensity was part of each great evening… the dance was always followed by the traditional smashing of piles of plates… these were made from rough clay, swept up after each ‘smashing’ session and re-kilned for use on subsequent  evenings… I can still remember the series of dance steps involved as Zorba’s Dance was played… Duncan and Paddy later became role models for two of my principal characters in my Jack Calder series – Donnie Mullen  and Malky McGuire… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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I’m still here too.

My dear Friend and fellow Author, David Robinson, has been foolish enough to allow me space on his blog… here’s the result… thanks , Dave… 🙂


Forgive me, I am still here but it’s been a while since I’ve done it.

Blogged that is.

Last time, if you remember, was when bro finished his walk from the top of Scotland to the tip of England raising over ten grand in the process for Macmillan Cancer Support. Well done indeed. Personally I was so exhausted by the process of describing this act of madness day by day that I went for a lie down in a darkened room and I’m afraid to say that I’ve only just risen.

But riz I is and I’m pleased to say that I have a special treat for you all in this effort to resurrect this look at stuff, more stuff and stuff like that.

Now you may be aware that I’m not normally a book blogger. But an opportunity came my way to look at an autobiography of a chap…

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October 16, 2019 · 6:15 pm

…life tip from Master Gallacher – be your own best in the world at everything!

…the sensible parents among you will understand that exhorting your children to be top of their school class, or best sports activities participant is the dumbest Rallying Call of every misguided father and mother on the planet… your wee Jimmys and Nellies frequently struggle just to know how to tie their shoelaces by themselves… my approach to nurturing ‘successful’ offspring is a tad different, and always has been… it is simply this, – ‘Papa does not want you to bust your guts trying to be the best in your class… neither does he expect you to set new school records for the 1000-, 500-, 250-, 0r even 5-metre races… all I ask is for you to try your honest best…’…that same tenet holds for just about everybody I have ever met… with a slight finessing of the language…

…I say, and seriously advise them, ‘be your own best in the world at everything… in your own mind, in your own attitude, in your own belief in your own skills, talent, and brains…’ …that way it is impossible to fail… I do it for myself… I am the best singer in my own world… I am the best footballer in my own world… I am the best author in my own world… I am the best guitar player in my own world… I am the best lover in my own world… I am the best blogger in my own world… I am the best poet in my own world and so on, and so on… I have never failed yet in any of these ambitions… and in my own world, no-one can refute my own belief… sound crazy?… maybe… but let me assure you, it works for me… and I’ll guarantee it works for each and every one of you, too… try it… you ARE the best at anything you do in your own world... see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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… ‘come… dance with me,’ she said…

…a wee reprise Post from four years ago… via … ‘come… dance with me,’ she said…
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March 28, 2019 · 4:00 pm

Ageing. The inevitable truth.

…great thoughts from my pal, Barbara Rogers… LUVZYA, m’Lady Barbara! 🙂

Barbara Beagle

I saw this picture recently. It made me think. A lot. In the end I decided that it is such a beautiful, and poignant depiction of old age. One I had hoped to aspire to …. but now unlikely to achieve.

So what did I see?? I didn’t read the words at first, as I wanted to form my own opinion. Yes… we are permitted to have our own bleddy opinions!!

First of all I saw the physical ravages of time…. but almost immediately after, I saw the love. It brought a lump to my throat the size of a bleddy football. I certainly felt short changed … as I don’t expect to ever feel that bond illustrated so simply. I’m not regretting my ‘efforts’ …. not all of us get the balance of loving right. It has to be a two way thing…. of equal parts… of loving, sharing…

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Readers … resolve to read more in 2019!

…my dear pal, m’Lady, Susan Toy has this great news about the new group putting readers and writers together… have a read and then join up, join us, and join in! ! enjoy 🙂

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

HUGETHANKS to Allan Hudson for hosting me once again on his blog, South Branch Scribbler!
Following is much of that original post. Please visit Allan’s link to read in its entirety.

I am a reader and I read a lot of books! No matter how many I read however I never seem to catch up with my ginormous to-be-read stack/list of books. Even though I try to follow Dr. Seuss’s advice:

I never manage to come even close to catching up.

But then that’s part of the fun in reading, isn’t it? The search for new books to read, test-driving new authors’ writing, the joy in “discovering” a new-to-you book or even a genre that you’ve never read before. I’ve spent my entire life reading and working with books and authors and am an author now myself, yet I never tire of reading, thinking about, discussing, recommending and…

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…here was a Scottish football referee yeez DIDN’T dare meddle with… Tom ‘Tiny’ Wharton… #TBSU…

…here’s a rerun of a blog I wrote 4 and 1/2 years ago… enjoy…

Seumas Gallacher


…even those of yeez with a brain as sharp as a billiard ball will note the relative physical stature of the man in black versus the football players in the photograph above… at 6 feet 4 inches without his studded boots, Tom Wharton was a refereeing giant… in the customary droll Scots’ affinity for affectionate hyberbole, he was more commonly known as ‘Tiny’ Wharton… for those of us of a certain age who had the pleasure of watching real football in the 50’s and 60’s, referees such as ‘Tiny’ were regarded somewhat differently to the the modern whistler lot… back then, by and large, there was a high degree of respect for the ‘man in the middle’… oh, sure, never a match passed without one set or other of fans variously bringing into question (a) the eyesight (b) the I.Q. (c) the marital status of his mother… but…

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