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Best Bloggers Blogging in 2016!

…2016 year-end Bloggers’ mentions from the indominatable Susan Toy….mwaaah , m’Lady,Susan… thanks for the inclusion… honoured , flattered and delighted 🙂 🙂 :i

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These past few years (2015 and 2014), I’ve wrapped up twelve months of blogging by listing my favourite bloggers who I have subscribed to and read, and whose blogs I believe would be of interest to my readers. Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape) created this nifty badge that any of the bloggers on my list are welcome to add to their own blogs!

This year’s list is going to look a bit like a roundup of the usual suspects, as so many of my favourite bloggers continue to post to their blogs and write so well. A few of those old favourites have stopped blogging, but there are a few new discoveries this year, and one is a former book publishing colleague who is absolutely new to blogging just this week! So I’ll begin my list this year with the newbies-to-me, for variety sake.

Please do…

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Books for the bloggers in my life

LUV this post from pal, Jessica Norrie:)


It’s time I said thank you to all the wonderful book bloggers who’ve helped me since The Infinity Pool was published. I’d like to give them a book each, from those I’ve enjoyed this year. They may not be recently published, but ones I only just got around to that many others discovered before me. And they’re only virtual, but hey, it’s the thought that counts! Bloggers, if you don’t like what I’ve chosen for you, why not swap it with one of your colleagues?

I didn’t have my own blog to acknowledge you all on until April of this year, so I’ve gone right back to the start. Seumas Gallacher was the first blogger ever to feature me, back in September 2015, so I’m giving him Paradise by AL Kennedy, because it takes place in Scotland and Ireland among other places, and it’s bitter, black and very funny. It’s also very dark…

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December 17, 2016 · 10:56 am

A challenge to all Readers …

…more wunnerful authors’ support from the irrepressible, Susan Toy.:) 🙂 🙂

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Earlier in the summer, I wrote and posted this to my blog: Why not read books simply because they’re well-written?

Then I asked Chris Graham, aka The Story Reading Ape, to create three memes that promoted three of the ideas I’d covered in this post: Ask for a meme …

For the purpose of this challenge, I want to focus on the suggestion in one of these memes …


Why not, indeed?

I recently began following two Facebook pages that were set up for the benefit of Readers. The gist of both sites was an exchange of reading recommendations and a place where readers could find out what they might want to read next. On the one site, there were a lot of rules posted restricting Indie Authors as to how much they could self-promote. Understandably so. However, authors were also restricted from posting links to our own blogs, and…

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Seumas Gallacher – update on a new Jack Calder novel

Seumas Gallacher has been an online friend and supporter of Reading Recommendations almost since the beginning of the blog. He’s a self-published author who definitely promotes his fellow aut…

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…eat yer heart out, Mel Gibson… yer Braveheart’s got NUTHIN on Master Gallacher for courage…

…I was looking through some of my past blog posts and came across this one posted about two years ago, and thought it worthy of another airing … cheers… Enjoy!!


…I’m not usually prone to broadcasting the various deeds of valour undertaken by this ol’ Jurassic… but sum’times, yeez just have to tell the WURLD… else, how would …

Source: …eat yer heart out, Mel Gibson… yer Braveheart’s got NUTHIN on Master Gallacher for courage…


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…April come she will… Simon and Garfunkel MUST’ve had Ms Taylor in mind…

…if yeez ever doubt the strength of virtual friendships on the Web, here’s sum’thing about what happens when yeez eventually get to meet in so-called ‘real life’… many thanks to terrific Authoress, April Taylor (she of the Georgia Pattison mystery crime novels)… her blog post today encapsulates a microcosm of the WUNDER of it all:



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…such satisfaction when an ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler’s tonsorial fashion comes full circle…

…not far from where Master Gallacher lived as a ‘wean’ in Docklands Govan in Glasgow, there sat a sort of commercial and light industrial area called Hillington Estate… a ten minute bus ride, or for we kids with less than limited money, a thirty- to forty-minute walk… the attraction for us resided not in the manufacturers buildings nor in the local car sales showrooms dotted around the place… our destination was a one-storey edifice in which trainee hairdresser-college barbers practiced their art on willing human guinea pigs such as ourselves, and even older men whose sparse earnings made free haircuts a welcome service… the more adventurous of we in the junior ranks chose to have almost bi-weekly changes from the styles shown on the black-and-white posters on the walls… (why they never had coloured photos of film stars and the celebrities on there has always baffled me)… suffice to note, the most popular cuts ranged from the ‘Tony Curtis’ (emb’dy remember him?) to the Duck’s Arse, (D.A.),so-named for its dovetailed rear feathering… for the really young fellas such as me, the implicit instructions from my Ma were to get either a half-crew cut, or a full crew cut… the closer the crop the better.. all the easier for her to conduct her regular  ‘free-from-lice-and-nits’ inspections… for several years until about the age of twelve, above my shoulders,

gooseberrySeumas G.I bore a striking resemblance to an oversized gooseberry… of course, the early and later teens developed into the usual Brylcreem period, where a talent developed for hair emulsion plastering… fast forward fifty or so years, and presto hey! lookee here… the last time I peeked in the mirror, an astounding measure of skullish ‘deja vu’ appeared… the return of the gooseberry cut… and I LUV IT… why? ‘cos all it  needs to maintain it is a splash of shampoo in the morning shower, and it’s ready for the entire day… such satisfaction when an ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler’s tonsorial fashion comes full circle… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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