…a Writer’s work is never done… thankfully!…

…a wee sneak at Master Gallacher’s current writing projects will reveal the following W.I.P.s:

1. Three ghostwriting engagements, viz:-

a. One 90% complete

b. One 50% complete

c. One 40% complete

2. One Jack Calder crime thriller in process – 60% complete

3. One entire suite of manuals for comprehensive Corporate Governance for a company client – 10% complete

4. Two corporate restructuring projects –

a. One 50% complete

b. One 20% complete

5. My own personal memoirs…

…it may seem a hefty pile of engagements, but it is the stuff that I thrive on… it is quite literally meat and drink to me, as they each help pay the bills… my biggest enemy is unstructured time... I like to be mentally active all the time… the exceptions to that are when I watch interludes of SKYNews, which is so bad it’s good, as I’ve said many times before now… and when I indulge watching my sporting passions… the English Premier League football and any form of cricket (the physical version of chess)… at present, featuring high on the rotation of these various writings is producing my own personal memoirs… having been involved in ghostwriting several life stories for other principals over the past couple of years, I realise that there will be moments of difficulty in getting out of my system much of the experiences which were my lot the past seven decades… no problem with the actual narrative, but more to do with the emotional road blocks that jump at me when least expected, causing temporary hold ups, with tightening lumps in the throat, and sometimes it seems, some sand getting into my eye from time to time… however, I am resolved, that if I am to retain my own integrity in telling my story, I have to face these passages as if I am writing as a third party, and just get them out… wish me luck… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…a Writer’s work is never done… thankfully!…

  1. That’s a heck of a workload, Seumas – Good Luck with it all, especially the memoirs 👍😃

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  2. …cheers, that man… LUVYZA!


  3. Seumas, (shaking my head) how many hours in your day do you sleep? What a workload! Writing a memoir? Do it! My first draft book is in the hands of an editor for a diagnostic reading. Even though it’s historical fiction, it’s got my life in there, the good and bad. I’ve also got at least 10 years living more than you, and I want my story out there, the way I wanted it to be in certain areas. It’s freeing. I got over the lump in the throat, the teary eyes and just wrote it. Balanced it out with the good stuff. So, do it! 📚 Christine

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  4. …thanks for your great comments and encouragement, m’Lady 🙂 LUVZYA!

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  5. Wow, you are a busy bee! Enjoy!

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  6. Blimey – I hope you fit in the odd hour or two to catch a snooze, Seumus!

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  7. The best of luck on your many writing projects and on your memoir, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  8. …mwaaaah, m’Lady, Suzanne 🙂

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  9. Your story is awesome and you will tell it beautifully. You got this!


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  11. You’ll let us know any progress with your memoir? 🤫🎶📚


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