…Authors, fear not, the ‘business’ of story-telling is limitless…

…the phrase, ‘there are only seven story plots’  is an old chestnut, averred by alleged ‘literary’ pundits over the years… I’m not convinced, but my take on it is a bit broader… even if the assumption of the surreptitious, silvery, slippery seven is correct… how does it explain the millions of books, novels and stories that have filled our libraries and bookshops for the past coupla thousand years?… p’raps the not-so-secret clue is in the actual ‘telling’ of the story… ask any theatre performer what differentiates a great performance from a merely good performance, and they will say “it’s in the ‘business’ on stage”… in other WURDS, “it’s the way they tell ’em”… such it is with any great book…

…granted, there are those authors whose use of vocabulary is outstanding, but even the simplest unfolding of a narrative can contain that magical element that glues readers’ eyeballs to the pages… that hypnotic ‘sum’thing’ that makes the reader put the book down when finished and think, “…wow, that was a terrific read…”… as an author, I don’t think it’s normal to approach the writing with the intent to create a book that elicits such a reader response… it should flow naturally… it takes practice… it demands constant attention to honing the scribbling skills… it demands an eye to grammar, syntax, and all the usual suspects for producing a good novel or book…

…but above all, it requires the imagination of the storyteller… the imagination that has lived down through the centuries in every language… the ability to conjure images in print that sparkle in the minds of every person who deigns to read the book… myth, fable, and fact all get thrown into the mix, and the creative ‘take’ from the writer makes that blend compelling… and when it comes to that, then forget about the ‘only seven stories’Authors, fear not, the ‘business’ of story-telling is limitless… and we, as readers and as writers, we thank the literary Gods for that… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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26 responses to “…Authors, fear not, the ‘business’ of story-telling is limitless…

  1. Yes! You’re so right, Seumas. Everyone has their unique writing voice, from the word choice, the way characters are put together and who narrates your story as well as the story that actually matters to you… Have a lovely day:)

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  2. You always perk this old gent up, Seumas! All the gud stuff to ya, my man! ♥♥

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    Check out this post from Seumas Gallacher’s blog with the topic: …Authors, fear not, the ‘business’ of story-telling is limitless…

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  4. That ‘seven stories’ thing is such a wank. 😀

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    Master Seumas Gallacher shares his opinion about limitless story telling. Thank you very much for all you teach us, Seumas! We appreciate it and we know you’re a gem!

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    Some wise advice from Seumas on limitless writing.

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  7. As ever a very entertaining read Seumas. Stories bring magic to all our lives and I for one am blessed to have found this love! Lol.

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    …it might be so Seumas. But there is no ignoring the fact that ebook reader numbers are falling in the US! https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/sep/17/us-losing-appetite-for-reading-fiction-research-finds?CMP=twt_gu


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