…ambition – to be the youngest centenarian ever… whaaa???

…I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Age’ and ‘Ageism’ are two of the vilest inventions that Man has ever devised… by charting the passage of time vis-a-vis how long I’ve been physically on the planet brings a mountain of potential booby traps… scientifically, I will not deny that bodily change occurs in every human being… but there’s too much emphasis on specific numbers that tick off the pile of years that I’ve survived thus far… it’s not a race to the grave… I know when any such contrived ‘race’ started for me… its called the Date of my Birth, but I have no desire to guesstimate when the ‘End Date’ is supposed to be…  my comedic God, (now Sir) Billy Connolly says, ‘don’t call me middle-aged, ‘coz that presumes I’m half way to that as yet unknown ‘End Date’… another of his other beautiful epithets covers ‘Acting your age … well, like him, I’ve never been this age before, so I’ve no idea how I’m supposed to ‘act’ it… LIVING IT IS THE THING!... when I was in my teens and twenties, I regarded folks of forty and fifty as ‘old’… then when I sailed through my own fortieth and fiftieth notches, they didn’t seem so ‘ancient’ after all… now that I’m sailing the post-sixty waters, it seems even less decrepit and crumbly… my brain still harbours enuff of the wee grey cells to let me laff and even scoff at the stupidity of ‘Ageism’…  I began writing my Jack Calder crime thrillers after my sixtieth birthday, and five of these are on Kindle, with a sixth as WIP… not bad for a guy who’s ‘past it’… I’ve retired three times in my career, but like the Mafia, ‘you try to get out, and they pull you back in again’...


…still happily gainfully active with my own corporate advisory firm for banks and companies in the Middle East… my writing expands apace, having added the ghostwriting of autobiographies and family histories to my activities… so, whatever the ‘Use By Date’ was, it means bollix to me, Mabel… my ambition is to be the youngest centenarian ever... see yeez later.. LUV YEEZ!



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25 responses to “…ambition – to be the youngest centenarian ever… whaaa???

  1. Oh yes – I totally agree with you. I’m fighting it tooth and nail! As it happens, I’ve enjoyed life more and more as I’ve got older and I certainly am busier than ever now I have also seen 60 sail past…:)

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  2. I think it’s them’s wot are on the other end of the scale who are worried about this end, not us. 🙂

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  3. Thank you for this good laugh. I do abhor any -ism and certainly ageism is one of them. The numbers are really taken seriously by many and at times I end up laughing until tears are streaming when I listen to the seriousness of the discussions.


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    Read, what Master Gallacher has to say when it comes to aging. 😀

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    Is Seumus having a conniption fit? 😉

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  6. Being a recycled teenager is turning out to be a lot more fun than the first time round.

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  7. Seumas, I’m “old as dirt” (pushing 80) and lovin’ It! I read about you and like your approach to writing, “discipline and businessman-like devotion to process.” Just change one word to businesswoman and that’s me. The more structured a story, the easier and more fun to write. Discipline and add persistence to work it till it’s right. I’m big on self editing (I’m a copyeditor) before bringing in the pros. I have a WIP half done and marketing in bits & pieces already. Not looking at $$$, just The End (of the book). 🙄 Happy writing! 📚 Christine

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  8. When I was in my late sixties I remember a woman in her eighties telling me I was young. There perspective that counts. I remember Henry Fonda who was probably supposed to be in his seventies in the movie “On Golden Pond” telling Katherine Hepburn something like they weren’t middle-aged because no one lives to 140 or above. 😀 — Suzanne

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