…I must have joined the dafties queue and ended up in the wrong profession…

…if ever this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler needed reminding of how fickle life can be, a glance at the following list is insightful:

Harry Redknapp… ex-Manager of Birmingham City Football Club (151 days tenure)





Simon Grayson… ex-Manager of Sunderland Association Football Club (124 days tenure)





Ronald Koeman… ex-Manager of Everton Football Club (496 days tenure)




Craig Shakespeare … ex-Manager of Leicester City Football Club  236 days tenure)



Frank de Boer… ex-Manager of Crystal Palace Football Club (77 days tenure)





…a fine body of gentlemen, yeez may say, and with prob’ly good reason for that opinion… Master Gallacher has several traits in common with all of them, viz:

  1. Having played professional soccer at some time in my life (albeit a couple of decades prior to most of them apart from Our ‘Arry)
  2. Being of European descent (mine: good Scottish/Irish stock)
  3. Residing on the upper side of 45 years of age (time is just a number, Mabel – Editor: aye, right!)
  4. Experiencing being job-terminated at some time in my career (I still swear I had NUTHIN to do with that unfortunate incident with the sausages at the meat counter in Tesco in St. John’s Wood… it was all a simple misunderstanding)…

…but there the common traits come to a screeching halt… where each of the listed men above differ from me is as noted:

  1. Commanding HUGE amounts of money for FAILURE… every one of them recently parted company with their Football Club employers with massive monetary pay-offs… after varying weeks of full salary, (up to the levels of which most of us cannot even count)… in any other profession, there is seldom that kind of earnings parachute – the ultimate ‘Platinum Goodbye’…
  2. Fresh from each of these SUCCESSFUL FAILURES (now, there’s an oxymoron for yeez!), there are  still other prospective employers willing to consider hiring these men to guide the fortunes of their respective footballing club ambitions… (if at first yeez don’t succeed, try failing another dozen times?)…

…please don’t mistake my message here… I’m not criticizing any of the aforementioned gentlemen… au contraire… I’m insanely jealous of their talent for continuous re-employment at the salary levels they fetch… down at the Job Centre all those years ago, I must have joined the dafties queue and ended up in the wrong profession… excuse me, while I just go and amend my curriculum vitae by inserting some massive screw-ups along the way… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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8 responses to “…I must have joined the dafties queue and ended up in the wrong profession…

  1. YOUR experiences made you what are today, Seumas – and a better person I’ve yet to come across 😎

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  2. I agree with Chris, although I also wonder if I got in the wrong queue.


  3. What Chris said. I also agree with the “successful failures” phrase you coined. The poor fellows probably cried all the way to the bank. It’s likely most or all will have landed another gig long before their termination money is anywhere near exhausted.
    Has anyone ever called you a “Phrase-coiner” before?

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  4. I don’t know anything about this subject so can’t say much. I just know you’ve been a success in many ways in the fields you chose. You’re also probably happier. Money certainly isn’t everything and they may carry burdens we know nothing about. 🙂 — Suzanne


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