…a few wee WURDS in yer ear… it’s what it’s all about, really…

…when Master Gallacher has lost the capacity to rejoice in learning, it’ll be time to throw me in the box and close the lid… happily, that delicious sense of discovering new nuances and stuff is still alive, especially when it involves WURD-smithing… from whenever I can recall, my delight in reading was accompanied by an inquisitive mind that wanted to know what the WURDS actually meant when I read them… all too often we see vocabulary in a narrative, the meaning of which we think we know ‘near enuff’ what it means, but in reality we don’t… my habit has always been to have a notepad to write such WURDS and phrases in, to revert later with a dictionary to find out their true import… I try not to stop the flow of reading until the reading part is done, then go back and check the list… a long time ago, I read the trilogy, THE LAST LION, the biography of one of my life long heroes, Sir Winston Churchill

…the author was the remarkable writer, William Marshall… during the course of reading them I scribbled down almost fifty WURDS he’d used… his command of language was powerful, and not in a manner of ‘showing off‘… his was a natural stream… lately I was so pleased to find another seam of great prose in the latest in the Victorian Detectives series by accomplished scribe, Ms Carol Hedges

…her books are set in the 1860s in London, and are liberally seasoned with vocabulary from these days… I freely admit having to revisit my old habit of noting the wonderful succession of vocabulary she uses… and LUVVED IT!… try some of these for size… ‘frowsty’, ‘stertorous’, ‘crepuscular’, ‘quotidian’, ‘furbelow’, ‘barouche’, ‘sigils’... see what I mean?… treat yersels and have a delve into her stuff… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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7 responses to “…a few wee WURDS in yer ear… it’s what it’s all about, really…

  1. I know what you mean about words… I think all writers are a bit of an anorak about them, Seumas:)

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  2. I love learning new words too 😀

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  3. That’s a good habit, Seumas. The detective book sounds like a good read. 🙂 — Suzanne

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