…age is not just a number… it’s sum’thing that’s earned…

…this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler considers himself immeasurably fortunate to have in a global SOSYAL NETWURK countless wonderful friends who p’raps are showing just a tad wear and tear…

…infancy, teens and a few decades thereafter have elapsed in my own existence on this planet… the early ambitions, hopes and travails of a lifetime and career are valued mem’ries… pensionable age arrived a wee while back… but here’s the strange thing… I rarely feel ‘old’… physically of course, the litheness and athleticism these bones and muscles once possessed as a young professional footballer, have faded a touch… ‘ambling’ has replaced ‘sprinting’ as the preferred mode of forward bodily movement… a once-medal-winning tenor voice struggles to reach any kind of upper musical vocal register (although, thankfully, the ability to hold a key remains intact, Mabel)… so, am I about ready to be carted off to the Old Writers Graveyard yet?… not bluudy likely!… I have made myself part of my own, personal recycling project… other, different skill sets and attributes are kicking in now… the brain, once as sharp as a billiard ball, is keener than it ever was, and I use life experience to spike my thoughts and speech with as much humour as I can derive… patience, a formerly elusive quality, visits on a regular basis, and sits neatly with my frame of mind most of the time…

…I’ve come to acknowledge that making mistakes is common to every human being alive, and these are the learning posts for later years… ‘wisdom’ is merely having ‘been there and seen the effects of stuff’ ‘wit’ is simply translating smiles and laughs into WURDS… and prob’ly most of all, ‘love’ is a by-product of letting good things come into yer life, and not a desperate attempt to ensnare adoration from others… in my not-so-‘umble opinion, age is not just a number… it’s sum’thing that’s earned… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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14 responses to “…age is not just a number… it’s sum’thing that’s earned…

  1. Love your philosophy. Because a person is older it does not mean they should stop learning new things or cease to co tribute to society.

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  2. I especially love your last paragraph, Seumas!

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    Seumas thoughts on aging.

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  4. Problem with age is that despite your body slowing down, your brain speeds up and urges you to get even more done while you still have time.

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    Unbelievable, how my friend, Seumas Gallacher deals with age. Age… the monster that hides in a dark corner to one day unexpectedly jump on us. – Oh yes… it hits ALL of us. Not one person on Earth will be spared. And if that day comes for me, I can only hope I’ll take it with the same humor as this man!

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  6. I once heard someone say ‘The tragedy of old age is not that we get old, but that we don’t.’
    This is very true. My head feels 18, but my body doesn’t know it.
    I love your attitude to getting older.

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