…the loneliness of the long-distance Author…

…here’s a regurgitation of a post I did almost four years ago… and the context holds even more true today than I thought it did back then… my salute to the stamina of every Author and Authoress who gets to type ‘THE END’ on their wee masterpieces… enjoy…

…even the shyest of people need company from time to time… hermits, real hermits, measure less than 0.00000648 percent of the WURLD’s population… cloistered monks and sisters of the cloth in their monkeries and sisteries at least have the presence of their ilk round them on a constant basis… the brooding G.Garbo and H.Hughes had lots of M.Money around them to alleviate their solitary exclusion of the rest of the planet… which makes it apparent to me, Mabel, that it’s abnormal to ‘want to be alone’… yet, hundreds of thousands of quill-scraper Lads and Lassies of Blog Land choose just such a devoted pathway… yes, yeez can point to the Web, and all its SOSYAL NETWURK trappings… where at the click of yer mouse, yeez can be in touch with twenty-five trillion people simultaneously… but, and it’s a big ‘but’... it’s not the same as being with people in the flesh… the myriad virtual-candlelit garrets wherein the scribing successes of the future literary generation reside hold their own special importance… being a writer is lonely… no-one else can sculpt the characters, plots, nuances of yer own story-telling… it’s unique to each and every one of yeez… I know I bang on occasionally here about the real WURK starting after yeez’ve finished yer masterpiece, in getting it accepted in the Big Bad WURLD out there… that doesn’t detract from the beauty and the adrenaline rush of actually typing ‘THE END’… yeez can try to share that feeling with others… but it’s impossible for them to feel what yeez feel yerself at that precise moment of conclusion… and all the heartache, all the pain, all the angst, all the suffered loneliness of the long-distance Author, all the ‘alls’… are worth every nano-second of this peculiar labour of love… and then, fools that yeez are (me included), what do yeez do then?… yeez start another one!… pass me my candle, Mabel, I’ve my next masterpiece to write… see yeez later…



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9 responses to “…the loneliness of the long-distance Author…

  1. No doubt about it typing The End engenders a whole plethora of emotions from grief to exultation

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  2. well, that’s why you have us following you, you’re never alone, even when you might want to be! )

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    Seumas’s views on writing.

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    Cheers to one who knows. Seumas nailed it.


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