…into the minds of babes… why art of any kind is so wonderful…

…I readily admit, I’m biased… how can I not be?… I’m an author… that’s art of its own kind… or art of its own JONGGR, if yeez want to use the phrase so much employed by the cognoscenti… and every so often, wee glimpses of ‘practiced art’ float across yer ken… look carefully at this photograph captured this morning on my trusty mobile device… for this ol’ Jurassic being able successfully to capture this on his phone is an event in itself…

…as one does on a cold, wet, windy morning in June (well, it is London in summer, Mabel), the National Gallery attracted my custom… adjacent to the Rembrandt and Rubens treasured halls, this remarkable lady was entrancing these young children with the story of the painting on the wall behind her… I was also instantly enchanted listening and watching her story unfold… no theatre headliner actress could have performed better than she… the children were transfixed… even the wee red-headed boy sitting at the back, with the delightfully explosive hairstyle, a piece of art in its own right… when her story reached the end, the racontress invited questions, and discussion flowed noisily… infant hands pitched in the air wanting ‘airtime’… the enthusiasm was tangible… eyes wide with statements as only young children’s eyes can be… the wider the eyes the louder the questions… and m’Lady, Storyteller gave time to every child’s query with equal animation on her part… yeez will note that apart from my own vicarious indulgence at the periphery of the group, several other ‘growed-ups’ also listened and watched intently, some of them sitting on the floor with the wee ones… all too soon the session ended… I didn’t have the chance to speak with the presenter… I wanted to thank her on several levels… for my own entertainment during the time there, but also for the insight as to how valuable it is for children to be encouraged in such visits with as terrific a presenter as she… into the minds of babes… why art of any kind is so wonderful… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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7 responses to “…into the minds of babes… why art of any kind is so wonderful…

  1. What a lovely piece Seumas. Was the lady a teacher or one of the museum staff?

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  2. That’s a darn good photo, Seumas! 👍😃

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  3. Reblogged this on meatdoesntgrowinmygarden and commented:
    Yup, he can write. He just can


  4. I wish every child in the world had a chance to be in a group like that and learn to appreciate art. Hopefully, then some grown up idiots wouldn’t be so quick to destroy it. —- Suzanne


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