…the day it rained money… and we couldn’t laugh…

…I s’pose yeez would’ve had to be there… but I’ve been giggling away all morning at the memory of it… come with me, back more than 50 years… picture the young Master Gallacher, newly minted apprentice at the redoubtable Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank Limited, Govan Cross Branch in Docklands Govan in Glasgow… the freshest Trainee Master of the Financial Universe... the personnel in the branch were great guys… the Manager, Mister George Galloway, the epitome of the pin-striped Scottish Banker, defender of his clients’ pennies and bawbees… bowler hat and constantly furled umbrella as much a part of his uniform as his distinguished manner of addressing staff and customers alike… his number two, nominally adorned with the title, the Bank Accountant, Mister William (call me Bill) Melvin, was a man with the detachable banker’s daily stiff white collar on his immaculately white shirts and regimental-style tie, and sparklingly polished shoes… now, sum’thing we junior members learned as Scottish banking yoofs was a practice called ‘cleaning the banknotes’… no, Mabel, not money-laundering, but the art of sorting the various denomination banknotes  into their proper bundles… y’see, back then, several banks in the UK were permitted to issue their own banknotes… we clerkies had to separate them into their respective banks, and denominations, facing them all the same way round and the same way up into bundles of 20 and then these bundles were packed into 25 of each of these, making a ‘brick’ of 500 notes… all of these were held together with rubber bands… on the day I recollect, Bill Melvin decided to show us young whippersnappers the expert way of counting, bundling and packing these while we stood around in amazement (supposedly) at his ‘note-cleaning’ genius… and it must be said, he was good… and fast… he ended up with one particular bundle of 500 pieces, strapped with the usual crossed rubber bands… it looked immaculately compact… he beamed with a superior look on his face… ‘that, gentlemen… that is how you pack notes’… and to prove his point he threw the bundle several feet into the air in the office… unhappily, as he waited for the package to descend, the rubber band broke, and the assorted money cascaded everywhere

…a downpour of  currency… it sped off into corners and shelves like fiduciary confetti… the astonishment and thunder that crossed his face was majestic to behold… but not for more than a nano-second, as all of the rest of us sped off onto the mens’ room, so as not to let Bill see our  joy, and hear our repressed squeals of laughter… so, to Bill, wherever he may be at this time… thanks for the mem’ry… the day it rained money and we couldn’t laugh… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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20 responses to “…the day it rained money… and we couldn’t laugh…

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    If you want something to smile or laugh about, (take your pick), this is a must-read. Reblogged from https://seumasgallacher.com

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  2. I do believe that’s called ‘comeuppance’! 😀

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  3. You reminded me of when I was a ‘last on the holiday list’ employee in a similar establishment Seumas. This was in the days when cash was passed from the cashier to the customer across a counter similar to a dining-room table.
    The powers that be decided to implement ceiling-high metal security bars at the same time as a visit by the dreaded bank inspectors. One particularly obnoxious individual decided to climb on the counter and rattle the bars to test their strength. I couldn’t resist whispering to a colleague ‘Someone throw him a banana’ which set her off giggling, and as word spread the entire outer office ended up in hysterics.
    Even to this day I still turn bank notes to face the same way, and have a little smile at the memory. 😀

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  4. Too bad there were no cell phones with cameras in those days. Hilarious, Seumas. 😀 — Suzanne

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    A bit of humor from Seumas Gallacher. Enjoy!

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  7. Great title that led us all to a fun and fabulous story. xo

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  8. Thanks for your vivid description which permitted me to picture the scene in my head and I giggled my way through the morning.
    You’re an amazing story teller, Master Seumas!

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    Seumas Gallacher provided us with a wonderful and funny memory. Thanks for the giggle, Master Gallacher!! We appreciate you let us have a peek into your past.

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