…it doesn’t take too long for an Author to write a book, right?… wrong!

…over the last ten years or so, Master Gallacher has been able to add ‘Author’ to his curriculum vitae… a disturbing thought, no doubt, to those who hold dear the attribution of that moniker to the likes of Billy Shakespeare, Tommy Clancy and that wee J.K. Rowling lassie… however, a writer I’ve become, and hopefully shall ever remain… many of my fellow scribes, I am certain, will have experienced the same thing as I have, people asking questions such as ‘how long does it take yeez to write yer novels?’…  in the beginning I would respond, ‘oh, so many months for this one, another number of months of that one’, almost a year for the next, and so on… now that a few titles have migrated from my grey cells to the Auntie Amazon Kindle pages, my answer these days would be startlingly different… in truth, for the majority of we scribblers, whatever we write, in essence has taken a lifetime to produce… yes, Mabel, a lifetime... all the incidents, events, characters, experiences, emotions, that spill across our careers, from cradle to grave, compose the base of our writing… one single person in a book will prob’ly be an amalgam of remembered people encountered over many years… yeez think not?…


…let me tell yeez, when I re-read my first novel, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, some years after I first published it, I was astonished… nay… startled, to recognize reflections of real people whom I had met at some time or other in the course of my own traipsing around the planet… the same syndrome applies to locations… places I have visited, or seen on movies, or on television, frequently insert themselves in the background of my books, particularly as mine usually feature multiple destinations for the Jack Calder squad from International Security Partners… so next time yeez ask an author about how long it takes her/him to finish a novel… don’t be surprised if they answer… ‘a lifetime, and more!’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…it doesn’t take too long for an Author to write a book, right?… wrong!

  1. 3 weeks, tops. Then another 3 days to find the mistake.

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  2. The truth about writing…from an expert!

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  3. I know that’s right because I rely heavily on memories for my stories. 🙂 — Suzanne

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