…so, what’s in a name? even if it’s wrong?…

…let’s start at the very beginning… my name to the WURLD-at-large is ‘Seumas’… except it isn’t… the birth certificate and the passport have me down as ‘James’… y’see, I spent the latter part of my teens in Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides where for reasons explained at length elsewhere,  I started singing and competing in the Gaelic language, with some creditable medal-winning success at the local and National Gaelic Mods… the good folks in Mull found it easier to refer to me by the Gaelic moniker, ‘Seumas’, and so it has been for over 50 years… but, as with many of yeez who may have a name that’s not too familiar to other folks, the number of different spellings and pronunciation manglings it has suffered from people trying to address me has been NUTHIN short of spectacular, especially when I WURKED in the Far East… the surname, ‘Gallacher‘, has often fared little better away from the UK… one of my favourites was from an Asian person calling my office asking to talk with ‘Mister Galloper’… yup… I’m yer huckleberry… on the same theme, in Hong Kong, a new secretary was allotted to me, a young Chinese lady… one day, when I was out of the office, I called in to leave a message with her… the exchange went sum’thing like this:

…ring, ring…

Secretary: Hello, this is Mister Gallacher’s office, may I help you?

Me : This is Mister Gallacher…

Secretary : Sorry, he’s not here right now, can I take a message?

Me: No, it’s ME… Mister Gallacher here…

Secretary : He’ll be back in the office later… can I take a message?

Me : I AM Mister Gallacher… in case anyone calls, I’ll be delayed another hour or so…

Secretary : I told you, Mister Gallacher’s not here at the  moment… you call back later…

Me: Listen, I’m…


…and I never ever did get to meet me…

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…so, what’s in a name? even if it’s wrong?…

  1. With my surname Núñez, I’ve been called all kinds of things in the UK, so I’ve always gone by Olga, that most people managed… But often I haven’t recognised my own name when people have tried to pronounce it. I love the secretary’s anecdote. Best never to meet yourself…


  2. Wots in a name? … a lot! 😀 … great story.

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  3. Mr Galloper. I love that ( and actually as you are a traveler, it oddly works omniscience’s some level)

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  4. I had something very similar once, except I was in the position of your secretary. Someone wanted to talk to Miriam and I was sure she meant the other Miriam. “She’s not here.” “No, I’m Miriam and I want to talk to you.” *BLUSH*

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  5. Poor woman. Too bad that was before Skype. Although that may have confused her even more. 😀 — Suzanne

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  6. Well, we know, Seumas, that some business people are really not very much into calling back. But I personally think it’s unforgivable that Mr. Gallacher never got back to meet you! *wink-wink*.
    (P.S. How long was this secretary with you?) *chuckle*


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