…a salute to the wonderful Mackenzie family in Tobermory, Mull…


…some of yeez may remember a few of my posts about the life-changing six-year spell I spent in my late teens, living and WURKIN in Tobermory, on the beautiful Isle of Mull in Scotland… at a distance of almost 50 years later, my fondness for that place has not diminished… if anything, the mem’ries generate even more of a sense of treasure that I was fortunate enuff to be there for that spell… elsewhere this week, I posted on my Facebook wall a video of me singing a cappella, ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’… disregard the fading vocal chords, but the wee throwback to a time when this ol’ Jurassic could sing adequately well conjured up marvellous recall of ‘house ceilidhs’ galore all over the island… usually unplanned gatherings, where friends enjoyed the simple pleasure of each others’ company… the evenings, more often as not, were assisted with some of the gurgling  ‘electric soup’, and songs in Gaelic and that ‘other language’ bounced back and forth… sum’times, poems and well-used stories passed the night away into the wee small hours… accordions and bagpipes were no strangers…


…but no household provided more welcome to this Docklands Govan-imported youth than the Mackenzie family... the father, Pibroch Mackenzie holds his rightful place in the minds of many Scottish music lovers for his genius in playing the fiddle… for a man who professed no trained musical knowledge, he could make that fiddle sing, talk, and tell yeez stuff… his lady Missus, Adie, the real force in the family, took her place in the corner armchair, knitting and nodding in contented consonance at the sheer joy of being among friends… I have known hospitality around the WURLD for the past 5 decades, but none surpasses the warmth and timelessness of the hours spent in the Mackenzie home… the three beautiful daughters, Anne, Joanie and Fiona, could all sing mesmerisingly (and still do) in harmonies that would delight any musical choir master… and yours truly laid down the tenor lines… of course, unknown to them, I was totally in LUV in turn with each of the Misses Mackenzie, who proved their collective good sense by keeping me at a good arm’s length… they say we come into this WURLD with NUTHIN and we leave in similar status, save for the mem’ries… and foremost among these for me will be these times… thanks again, and allow me… a salute to the wonderful Mackenzie family in Tobermory, Mull… 



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10 responses to “…a salute to the wonderful Mackenzie family in Tobermory, Mull…

  1. As memories go, Seumas – this one has to be platinum…

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  2. Oh to have been there! 😀

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  3. Reading this post sent me down reminiscing, too.
    I hear your words rushing out in your special brogue and I smile. You’re entertaining as ever, Seumas. Thanks for sharing yoru memories. 😀

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  4. What lovely memories you have, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  5. I just read the above, Seumas and am truly warmed by it! I also watched the Hitler video again. Have you altered it? It sounds different? I’m sitting here crying with laughter.. An absolute gem! M’lord… xx


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