…oh, the sheer joy of being a Legend in yer own Lunchtime…

… there are several things which are irrefutably non-negotiable… f’rinstance, no matter how big and macho yeez might think yeez are, if a  two-year-old kid ever hands yeez a toy telephone… yeez answer it!… another, if Scotland is yer home country, no matter how fierce the weather forecast, the most outdoor clothing yeez’ll ever think to wear is a heavy coat, and if there’s a hurricane coming in, maybe add a scarf… toss into that sheaf of immovables the fact that if ye’re a writer and sumb’dy recognizes you as such in a public place, yeez feign nonchalance, but inside, yer guts are screaming, YES! YES! YES!… the urge strikes to kiss the person who’s delivered  yeez that public accolade, offer them a cheque, or a least a frosted doughnut…aaa…I care not what emb’dy thinks or says, and no matter how many thousands of sales and downloads Auntie Amazon has afforded yeez on the Kindle web, there’s NUTHIN creates that inner glow at quite the same intensity as when that ONE person pays yeez that honour of recognition… it happened to this ol’ Jurassic scribbler today…

aaaa…entering as I was, the foyer of the Beach Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi, when a lady I had never met before greeted me with, ‘I know you… you’re the author, Seumas Gallacher… I’ve got all of your Jack Calder books and LUV ’em… I tell all my friends you’re a great writer and tell them they should read your stuff…’


…I gamely tried to recover my fake sangfroid poise and learned she has a couple of signed copies of my first two titles, which her husband had given her as a present… it transpires that he’s a former golfing acquaintance… small WURLD, eh?… I’ve been on cloud nine all day since… how these small encounters capture the essence of positive affirmation, which I think most of we virtual-candle-lit-garret-dwelling penspersons appreciate… oh, the sheer joy of being a Legend in yer own Lunchtime… see yeez later.. LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…oh, the sheer joy of being a Legend in yer own Lunchtime…

  1. Aw – I’m sitting here smiling on your behalf. That’s lovely. Oh yeah and about the telephone thing – I believe that was the 11th commandment

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  2. There’s the added stupendipity in that us lesser mortals, on hearing thy name spoken amongst the elite, can casually bask in reflected glory by uttering ‘Oh, THAT Sir Gallacher, he’s a good friend of mine.’ 😀
    P.S. To save you thesaurus-ing, it means Stupendous not stupid, but you would know that obviously. 😉 Mwaah, from your ‘umble servant. x

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  3. it is indeed a wonderful feeling Seumas.. glad you got the glow.. xx

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  4. Oh, WHAT a wonderful encounter Seumas – no wonder you’re feeling all warm and glowing…:).

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  5. Go ahead and grin big, even if you are blushing. You deserve it.

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  6. Wow, Seumas. That sounds like a virtual “hole in one” to me. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  7. Such a boost to the old ego eh Seumas. I can feel your glow from here. Well done…enjoy the feeling.

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  8. Aaawwww…… one day I’d love to be where you are and experience this feeling too.

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