…Authors… what do yeez want the artwork on yer book covers to do?

cover-for-violin-man…let there be no ambiguity… the most important part of a scribbler’s product is always the content… the writing itself… good material is the best advertisement for yer WURK… the single element more likely than any to get yeez repeat readership… however, as emb’dy who’s ever written a book will tell yeez… there are other things to get involved with to help get yer wee masterpieces circulating and selling…vwb-cover amongst these is the artwork… the wrapper… the visual magnet that draws the eyes of the casual browser around the shelves in Waterstones or the surfers of reams upon reams of Auntie Amazon’s web pages… I recall not so long ago when visiting into London on the vacation breaks from the Middle East, piling basketloads of printed books from Waterstones in Regent Street, usually from a glance-and-buy… ending up paying by the kilo for my reading material for the ensuing months in the desert… like most people, I have my  preferred JONGGRs, usually crime thrillers… but others will have their own… chacun a son gout biblophile… now, I’ve no idea how many titles exist in the crime thrillers category, but it prob’ly runs to hundreds of thousands… front-view-speven more relevant then does it become, that my nano-second decision making when I buy in the stores is affected by a great ‘teaser’ cover…killercityweb comes now my own wee literary babies… bawling for space and attention in this tsunami of offerings… and why, from the very start of this incredible author journey, I decided to go with the best cover artist I could find… my friend Edward Lu in Manila in the Philippines… I regard my investment in his ability to create what I want my covers to do as the best value around… he tells graphically on one cover page precisely what the reader should expect… but does it in such a way that it generates positive anticipation… deadly-impassethat’s what I wanted him to achieve, and he delivers… so, Authors… what do yeez want the artwork on yer own book covers to do?…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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10 responses to “…Authors… what do yeez want the artwork on yer book covers to do?

  1. It has to be a fish hook … that’s tied to the blurb … that’s tied to the story. If a cover doesn’t do that, in whatever shape or form, then it sin’t doing its job. 😀

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  2. ..yup… hopefully a huge shoal of readers ! 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Don Massenzio's Blog and commented:
    Here is a great article on the topic of cover art from Seumas Gallacher’s blog

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  4. Effective post, Seumas. You chose the right artist. 🙂 — Suzanne


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