…Authoress, June Gundlack, allows me to invade her blog…

…with nary a regard for her reputation, my friend, Authoress, June Gundlack, lets me traipse all over her LUVLY blog pages…

‘Visiting Today’ – Seumas Gallacher

Speaking in his own, inimitable language about life as an author.  



Hello Seumas, and a warm welcome to London.  Where do I start?  Your life has been far from dull, and your writing is a dizzy contrast from the world of finance to writing crime thrillers! Or…

You call yourself a computer Jurassic, Seumas – yet your social media presence portrays anything, but.  You have taken the role of ‘building a platform’ to new heights.  How did you start?  Marketing anything is difficult and needs a keen eye and ear to find the niche that might take the product from just an idea to achieving respect and success and then making that success continue to work for you.

  • If the term ‘computer Jurassic’ applies to emb’dy who still thinks he needs a ‘winder handle’ to start up a laptop, then I’m yer Huckleberry… my first ever purchase of a Mac was almost ten years ago to write the first Jack Calder novel, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY’… it was typed using one finger from each hand, which is still my masterpiece creation modus operandi… the ‘building the platform’ piece came from reading the blogs of the highly successful and terrific author, Rachel Abbott, who convinced me that ‘writing is a business’, and that the scribbling was the comparatively easy bit… all the rest, particularly the use of SOSYAL NETWURKS was key to being part of the modern author’s industry… and so it began…

So –  Jack Calder – how did he come into your life?

  • About a decade ago, I got the idea that it was ‘just time’ to write ‘that book’ we all supposedly have in us… I was intrigued to find out if I had the stamina to stay with a story long enough to write a whole book… I went walking for an hour and a half each evening for ten nights, thinking about a theme and a credible narrative… it came to me that part of my career in the Far East had involved being a corporate trouble-shooter for a distressed shipping company, during which time, I was ‘clearing out’ a lot of bad guys… that in turn brought death threats, necessitating an armoured car and six armed bodyguards for three years… the guy who ran and trained the security firm operatives was ex-SAS… there’s the genesis of Jack Calder…

I know I said your life hadn’t been dull… but I’d not realised quite how close you had been to the action!  What a backdrop of writing material – and obviously why Jack Calder is such a gritty and, brave character.

If your books were made into films – who would you cast as Jack?

  • Gerard Butler would fit the role, or if we could get him with a Scottish accent, Jason Statham…

Ah.  Both excellent choices and I’m sure Jason Statham would be able to rise to the accent.

Please tell us about your Crime/thriller books and where the ideas were born?

  • See above where the idea for Jack and the other ex-SAS guys came from, but for the storylines, any casual glance at the slew of international cable networks supplies tons of possible material… just change the names to protect the guilty!…

You are a blogger of merit, too – I believe you achieved an award for this in 2013.

  • There was an online poll back in 2013, and to nobody’s greater surprise than mine, I was voted Blogger of the Year… I only became aware of the poll when it reached the final selection stage…

You have a great sense of humour in your social media posts – the language – did you invent it, or is it from a very bygone time?  I imagine it may flummox the locals wherever you go.

  • I try to keep the blog light hearted, and find that’s a great offset for me from the hard crime story writing… other people’s blogs which I respect and enjoy usually have content that entertains, or educates, or empathises with other writers… mine is a mixture of that… the language I use is from the depth of my head… WURDS (sic) like ‘WURDS’ and ‘yeez’ is Scottish for ‘words’ and for ‘you’… some say it helps them to ‘hear’ my writing… the blog is my Author Brand;… my books contain my Author’s Voice’…

Thank you so much for ‘visiting today’, Seumas.  I’m sure many reading this will find their curiosity well and truly awakened and will want to read more of your wonderful words… I mean, ‘wurds‘.  I imagine Jack Calder, too, will attract more attention.

  • …many thanks for allowing me to intrude on your blog, m’Lady, June…

A pleasure, Seumas – and hope you find time to stop by again soon.

More on Seumas can be found  here:

THE VIOLIN MANS LEGACY                                           

Books by Seumas Gallacher:

cover-for-violin-manvwb-cover… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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  1. Quite a character, is Seumas. Good to read about him for a change!

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  2. Great interview, June, and Seumas. Congratulations, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    Check out this guest post by Seumas Gallacher as he appears on June Gundlack’s blog.

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