…let there ALWAYS be libraries…



…by any stretch of the measurement of age, this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler is no longer a youth… I adulted around a-hem years ago… and having become in recent years an Author, I have more than a passing interest in the comparatively new debate as to whether books are better in print or on an eReader such as Auntie Amazon’s Kindlekindleand despite being part of the, (a-hem again), ‘older’ generation, I have no negativity toward the modern downloaded reader versions of books… don’t mistake me – I still enjoy immensely the feel of a paper book in my hands, and even, yes, the smell of the paper and the gum paste thats binds the spine (emb’dy else remember ‘sniffing’ a new book?)… but times move on – the electronic age has become an imbedded part of our lives whether we embrace it or not – however, that does not mean we should surrender the bedrock of readers everywhere… the local library… once a ubiquitous presence in any village, town or urban conurbation… now sadly, it seems, becoming as rare in some parts of the country as an honest politician… I recall fondly my first visit to our local library in the grounds of the Elder Park in Docklands Govan in Glasgowaa… standing guard over all things readable in our slum setting of the early 1950s, it became a haven for this then wee five-year old, National Health spectacles and all, devouring picture books, reading primers and illustrated tomes of the Wonders of the World… y’see, grand and all the Kindle phenomenon might be to some, it cannot take the place of sitting on the floor in the children’s section of yer library with several open books scattered around yer legs… no child is ever going have a circle of Kindles spread on the floor in such an accessible manner as that…


…for that alone, and for millions of other good reasons (mostly books) our libraries should be protected and preserved… now, where did I leave the bookmark for my Kindle, Mabel?… see yeez Β later… LUV YEEZ!



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31 responses to “…let there ALWAYS be libraries…

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    And PLEASE – encourage your family & friends to do so tooπŸ΅πŸ‘

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  2. Remember what happened to the great library of Alexandria? Knowledge must never be lost to the flames (either real or metaphorical) again. Support your local library folks, may this cry resound again and again!

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  3. Guess who is the new Chair of our now-not-about to close library. That’s why I’m totally in accord with you, Jurassic. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

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  4. It’s not just the books inside – it’s the entire experience of a library.
    As a little kid it seemed to amazing I was allowed into this House of big Words holding so much there waiting to be opened up. Rows and rows of word holders – many with pictures – from all over the world and from times older than me. Library magic. Reading was the ticket I could hardly wait to hold.
    Libraries are who we are.
    Libraries are of all sorts of sizes and shapes now – and even more welcoming. E-books are great for traveling, but real print books are the real thing.

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  5. I completely endorse all of the above!

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  6. Well done, Seumas, I couldn’t agree more. And talking of the smell of books, libraries have it in abundance. And one should never forget the librarians, those underpaid ladies and gentlemen who work so hard with so much dedication.

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  7. reblogged this/everyone needs to read it!

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  8. I vividly remember my dad taking me to the small branch library the first time. I chose a book and it was magical. I remember the smell of the books and the quiet atmosphere. Later, it was the bookmobile that came to our school every week. Still later, I took my own children to the lovely big and new library in the city where we lived. There was a separate children’s room. Those are some of my favorite memories. We need to save that for future children and adults. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

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  9. I finally got an e-reader, but it will never replace holding and reading an actual book!!

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  10. What a lovely building! I’d love the building for whatever is in it, but to think it is a library heightens the charm. Wonderful post!

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    Matters close to the heart. Memories of childhood visits to the library rank highly in our, as we age, list of fondly-recalled thoughts. From the meanest small town library to the grandest major city edifice we should do all we can to preserve these National Treasures, the local library.


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