…hey, Mama, look at me… I’m a SchizAuthor… both of me…


…yeez don’t have to be crazy to be a writer, but most of we scribblers will prob’ly tell yeez it helps… it wouldn’t be the first time (nor, I s’pose, the last) that this ol’ Jurassic’s sanity has come under question… the journey thus far into my crime fiction masterpiece production over the past almost ten years now has had more than its fair share of madness… coming to terms with debating with the imaginary committee of characters in my head was the first sign… staring blankly into space in public areas for interminable passages of time, while plot lines flow through my wee grey cells, is another… and let’s not dismiss the demented sudden scribbling of story notes on assorted paper napkins in restaurants, then surreptitiously folding then with the greatest of care before secreting them in various trouser pockets… then yeez have the insane giving up of entire weekends to sit in the depths of a major book store with a pile of yer tomes on a table, ready to sign yer name on them for anyone kind enuff to purchase one of yer babies… then watching how many potential ‘buyers’ avoid yer eye so that they don’t have to indulge yer pleading look to buy a copy…


…comes now a different strain of the looniness… having established my JONGGR as crime fiction, I’m embarking on another… so called ‘literary fiction’… sounds a bit high-falooting, eh, Mabel?… which means I’ll be giving up writing about Jack Calder and his buddies, right? wrong!… and here’s the depth of my surrender of any semblance of mental stability… I’m indulging both JONGGRS simultaneously… flipping from writing one to the other and back again, ad inforeverum… nuts? betcha it’s nuts!… but y’know what?… it’s great fun… stimulating… a real buzz… it certainly dispels any notion of boredom… I’ll keep yeez advised as it goes along, but for the meantime, hey, Mama, look at me… I’m a SchizAuthor… both of me… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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10 responses to “…hey, Mama, look at me… I’m a SchizAuthor… both of me…

  1. You’re just getting started!!! 😀

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  2. I always knew you were nuts. So, what’s this JONNGR called Literary thingy?

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    • ..’literary fiction’ , a-hem, to quote ‘Google is : Literary fiction comprises fictional works that hold literary merit; that is, they involve social commentary, or political criticism, or focus on the human condition. … Literary fiction is usually contrasted with popular, commercial, or genre fiction….howzabout that then !


  3. Ya might as well have fun as not. 😀 😀 😀

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  4. Hey Seumas, you should know all authors are Schitzos or am I messing up my psychotic disorder with dogs? 😀
    It’s good to flip between different jongers (English spelling of your made-up word) and I’m intrigued as to the alternative; YA, Children’s books, Romance, Mabel’s life story, Erotica?
    Now I’ve got to keep following to put my over active imagination to rest.
    LoL. x

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  5. Such energy. It’s amazing, Seumas. All the best in your new endeavor. 🙂 — Suzanne


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