…Master of all the good stuff like what he writes… Andrew Peters spills the gen on his recent foray into Amazon promos…

Master Andrew Peters, keeper of Iberian cats, player of left-handed guitars (even Master P. McCartney never had a pink six-stringer), successful literary pensperson and purloiner of yer pocket money in exchange for his smashin’ crime fiction like what he writes… recently delved into the Amazon promo maze… here he shares the results of that odyssey… and darn interesting reading it makes… Master Gallacher, here, has been banging on recently about the efficacy (‘worth, Mabel, worth’) of the KINDLE UNLIMITED program… it would appear that it also WURKED for the Welsh Mickey Spillane… viz:


I have 10 books and 3 shorts on Amazon and 11 of them were free over a total period of 15 days. I only used FB to publicise it and spent £24 on “boosts” from my page. I have about 20% of the FB friends I had in my writing days, I lost a lot when I left FB for a year for this and that. I got approx 4000 free downloads, 50/50 UK/USA (a handful elsewhwere) Almost all the UK ones (1600) were
1THE BARRY ISLAND MURDERS…though only 70 in the US where 3SUBTRACTION, THE BLUES DETECTIVE & A SHOT FOR THE BLUES DETECTIVE got about 400 each. I actually sold 67 Kindle books and 6 paperbacks (normal per month is 3-4 and maybe 1) 56/all 6 of them in the UK. 26 of the downloadss and all the paperbacks were 2THE BARRY ISLAND etc…and only 3 sales of the 2 books which were never free…though perhaps that may improve as they were sequels. 4The new thing for me was the Kindle Library thing, where over 8000 pages were read, almost all in in UK, almost all The Barry etc. Since it’s 170 “pages” long that translates to around 47 extra “books” It wasn’t intended as a sales boost…just a giveaway of stuff that was doing nothing…but perhaps the figures are interesting…I appreciate that most people are not in a position to give away so much redundant product…but someone with greater “reach” might do even better.
…fascinating results, that man, Andrew... more power to your quill…
…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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3 responses to “…Master of all the good stuff like what he writes… Andrew Peters spills the gen on his recent foray into Amazon promos…

  1. Thanks, Seumas. Another great author to follow.

    Well done, Andrew. Thanks for sharing this, and best wishes in your endeavors.


  2. Reblogged this on Don Massenzio's Blog and commented:
    Learn about crime fiction author, Andrew Peters, courtesy of Seumas Gallacher’s blog


  3. Thanks, Andrew, for telling us your experiences with Amazon and to Seumas for having Andrew as a guest. 🙂 — Suzanne


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