…the usefulness of the ubiquitous brick…


…this ol’ Jurassic is not given to ranting and raving at the best of times… today I will allow myself instead to approach with some reasonable calm and measured observation about sum’thing which has been raising my ire of late… it occurs all over the WURLD wherever there are designated parking places, and especially with parking slots reserved for people less physically enabled than the rest of us… these well-designated special parking spots for obvious reasons are usually situated next to the entrance to a building, or a supermarket, or a library or wherever… comes the issue of the ‘smart-ass’ drivers who plead blindness, or the inability to read, who cheerfully drive into these spots, depriving access for those who really need them…


…on the past few visits to my own local provider of foods and general provisions, a large supermarket here in the Middle East, while waiting for my own transport to arrive (I am NOT in need of the allocated parking spots, by the way), I’ve watched in despair the arrival and departure of luxury vehicles, four-wheel drives, top-of-the-line-sports-model cars into the reserved spaces… the security patrol fellow watched as I did, one such expensive people-carrier empty of only two young women, perfectly healthy, able-limbed, and carrying designer handbags… their Jimmy Choo-lookalike shoes stepped easily across the lines supposedly announcing their trespass… they smiled at the guard, who smiled back, and they sauntered on into the store… he saw me looking at him, shrugged his shoulders and said to me, ‘What can I do?’…I’m afraid the irrepressible forthrightness of my Docklands Govan upbringing in Glasgow got the better of my tongue and I replied, ‘Well for a start, you could do your bluudy job!’…this seemingly not being the response he expected, elicited a further shoulder shrug and he wandered off in the opposite direction to that taken by the ladies… now, those of yeez who may know me, will be aware I’m not usually of a criminal bent, but I couldn’t help hark back to the aforementioned ‘Govan’ methodology for solving this man’s guarding problems… a handy brick entering the vehicle at some velocity via the front windscreen would p’raps send an appropriate message for the occupants on their return to the vehicle…


…the usefulness of the ubiquitous brick… ‘no, Officer, it  wisnae me… a big boy did it and ran away’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…the usefulness of the ubiquitous brick…

  1. As one who has to make use of this handy blue square, what amazes me is the number of people who just ‘don’t get it.’ It’s not a case of the MD having a reserved parking space because he owns the company, it’s ‘without this the disabled couldn’t get out.’
    As you say it always seems to be the rich, young and very able bodied who are the worst abusers!
    To my mind the guards should have available a ‘block ’em in’ car to be parked right up to the offending bumper. A request for the removal of said vehicle would give the opportunity to ask for the production of the disabled person, or to be told, ‘The guy with the keys will be back in a couple of hours.’ 😀
    It might make the space unavailable for a while but I’d wager the culprits think twice next time. Alternatively the brick would be very satisfying, especially if it was painted with the disabled logo.

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  2. Superglueing the brick to the windscreen is also an acceptable alternative. 🙂

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  3. Perhaps someone could spend the day filming the location and donate said film to the local TV station for their daily news program. Someday those “young things” will be old and “what goes around comes around. Don’t we wish we could be there to see it. 😐 — Suzanne

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