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…two gracious ladies embellish my blog… Miriam Drori and Emma Rose Millar…

… a couple of days ago, I featured a post with two Authors… today we go even better… two Authoresses! my dear friends , Miriam Drori and Emma Rose Millar (she’s the one holding the book)… and some launch news to impart… get ready to receive the impartation…



How do you like to find out about a book? Do you

  • read the blurb?
  • look at the cover?
  • listen to a reading?
  • read about the author(s)?
  • read about the setting – geographical or historical?
  • go to the launch party?
  • simply buy the book and get stuck in?

All of those choices are available for The Women Friends: Selina, due out on Thursday, 1st December.

**FINALIST: The Chanticleer Goethe Awards for Late Historical Fiction**

Who is the young woman with the haunting gaze in Gustav Klimt’s 1917 masterpiece, The Women Friends?

Selina Brunner is running from the demons of her past, cut off from her family in a sleepy Tyrolean village, and lost in the soulless city of Vienna, where everything – even one’s very existence – is a lie.

When, amidst growing fear of sinister developments in Vienna, an exotic stranger comes to town, Selina finds old passions reignited and her whole world turned upside down.

The Women Friends: Selina is the first in a series of fictional tales about the women who inspired this great artist.



Listen to the beginning of The Women Friends: Selina here.


Emma Rose Millar was born in Birmingham – a child of the seventies. She is a single mum and lives with her young son who keeps her very busy and very happy. Emma left school at 16 and later studied for an Open University degree in Humanities with English Literature. She has had a variety of jobs including chocolatier, laboratory technician and editorial assistant for a magazine, but now works part-time as an interpreter.

Emma writes historical fiction and children’s picture books, winning the Legend category of the Chaucer Awards with Five Guns Blazing in 2014. She is currently working on her third novel, Jezebel, a dark tale of obsession and opium addiction set in the roaring twenties.

Emma is an avid fan of live music and live comedy and enjoys skating, swimming and yoga.

For more information, please visit or follow Emma’s author page on Amazon:

Miriam Drori was born and raised in London, but has lived most of her life in Jerusalem, where she married and gave birth to three now grown-up children. Following careers in computer programming and technical writing, Miriam turned her attention to creative writing. Her first published novel, Neither Here Nor There, is a romance set in Jerusalem, a story of two people drawn to each other despite their very different backgrounds.

Miriam began writing in order to raise awareness of social anxiety and never fails to mention this common but little-known disorder when the opportunity arises.

You can find out more about Miriam and connect with her on her website/blog: or follow her author page on Amazon:


We’ve written several articles about the setting of The Women Friends: Selina. Here’s a list of them.


You are hereby invited to the launch party for The Women Friends: Selina on Thursday, 1st December at 3 pm (UTC+1). Just pop over here and click on Going. On the day, there will be a competition to win a beautiful prize and lots more.


Wherever you are in the world, whether you want the ebook or the paperback, this is the Amazon link to buy The Women Friends: Selina. You don’t have to wait for the day. It’s available for pre-order now.


Seumas, thank you so much for hosting us on your delightful, though occasionally baffling, blog. I haven’t lost hope that we will, one day, meet in person.

…and thanks, m’Ladies for adorning my wee blog today… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…the incredibly talented Authoress, Carol J. Hedges graces me with a Guest Blog…

…witty, insightful, and outspoken in coruscating splendor, Authoress, Carol J. Hedges and I first met (not suprisngly) through the Blogosphere… and later in the company of other excellent reader and scribbly personae at a coffee gathering in a restaurant off St Pancras Station in London… once met, never forgotten… the strength of friendships created through the writers’ global family is superb, Carol is living evidence of that… enjoy what she has to say about large bookshop retailers et al…


                                                                                                          CAROL J. HEDGES


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…Gribun Rocks in Mull in winter… an SAS course for trainee bank clerks…

…half a century ago, this ol’ scribbler was a Trainee Master of the Financial Universe in the Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank in Tobermory on the Scottish Hebridean Island of Mull… God’s chosen country, and home to some of the friendliest people on the planet… as a young lad in the Bank, it was my duty (read ‘privilege’) from time to time to go around the island in the mobile office… in those days ‘mobile banking’ had NUTHIN to do with telephones, Mabel… we were a bank office on wheels… the island of Mull is among the most beautifully ‘scaped places I’ve ever known in all my global travels… I recall the mobile office driver, a Mister Johnston, a grand man, six feet plus, always clad in typical ‘sensible’ thick tweed suit and shoes made somewhere in the Glasgow shipyards, I reckon… prob’ly then in his sixties, and never without a pipe in his mouth, although rarely did I ever see him light it… great fun to travel with around the island villages dispensing our good solid Scottish banking services… but… and here’s the but... sum’times, in winter, the one-track roads became icy, snow-laden, and treacherous… and the vehicle required snow-chains… all very well and good until we approached a place called the Gribun Rocks… here’s what it looks like in summer…


…imagine what it transforms into during the gale-strewn storms we sum’times had to negotiate… on the inside a sheer rock face, from which from time to time would tumble a loose rock, and the occasional careless-footed sheep… on the distaff side, the roiling sea, belting waves against these Gribun Rocks, thrashing spray well up and over the van… the wind battering the broad sides of our vehicle… scary?… you betcha!… scary, and then some… Mister Johnson gripped the driving wheel as if it were there to break, and eased us around the half mile or so of the twisty, winding road… I learned much of my stock of Gaelic curse words during these episodes… on occasion, having traversed one way through the Rocks, discretion became the better part of bankerly valour, and the reverse trip was a long detour up through a lonely and deserted Glen More… there’s only so much Gaelic swearwords to learn in one outing… lessons available each stormy winter by the good graces of the Gribun Rocks in Mull in winter… an SAS course for trainee bank clerks... see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…



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…my kinda pal… Authoress Diane M. Dickson…

…I receive some truly LUVLY people as Guest Bloggers on here… today, I want to introduce my friend, Authoress, Diane M. Dickson


…her latest release is SINGLE TO EDINBURGH.. and what a marvellously wistful cover page this is…


Diane has more than one wee JONGGR to her writing prowess, as witness the sheaf of self-publishing titles on her Amazon Author page… go on, have a click an’ peek at it:

After the Secondary Education System in sixties Liverpool spat her out she had a pretty eclectic career. She worked as a veterinary nurse with the RSPCA, and then had a go at nursing (people this time). She  had a super job as a Personnel Officer at a military hospital in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia which presented very unusual challenges. After more than twenty years in the Middle East, Diane ended up as a PA in Portsmouth. Like many, she’s a total Reacher creature, Terry Pratchett addict and lover of JD Robb.

Add in being a wife, mum, granny and a poet. To her outstanding credit and soaring esteem in my eyes, she believes in the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, Dragons and thinks that ghosts are visitors time-slipping in the multiverse.

…yup, definitely my kinda pal, thanks m’Lady, Diane… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…Christmas is nigh, here’s Authoress Maureen Turner with some goodies…

…today’s Guest Post is prolific Authoress Maureen Turner (it means ‘she writes lots of stuff’, Mabel)… it’s the sharing time of year, and she’s got sum’thing to share with us… I’ll let her tell a bit about herself first:


                Born in Birmingham, I now live in rural Gloucestershire. I wrote my first novel (First Breath) shortly before being made redundant by Gloucestershire County Council. Prior to this, I had worked as a Classroom Assistant for twenty five years and I now wondered how I was now going to fill my time. I found that I was worrying needlessly. Since finishing full time employment I have penned four novels and two collections of short stories all published as e-books. Four of them were later published as traditional paperback books. 
My constant companion as I write is my Jack Russell rescue dog Woody He is quite happy to lie nearby in companionable silence whilst I delve into my imagination.
                I am a member of the Dean Writers Circle and from time to time I write short stories as part of my ‘homework’. Some of these stories have been published as a collection entitled ‘Purgatory’. My most recent collection of short stories is based on the age old Christmas Carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. A third collection of short stories entitled Just in Time is about to be published.
                Although in the main my genre is Fantasy Romance, my short stories cover many different genres from contemporary fiction to sci-fi. I have also submitted a short story to an Anthology published to raise money for two worthy charities.
                I am presently working on my sixth novel as yet untitled.
                On a personal level I am married to Gary and have one daughter, Demelza (yes I am a Poldark fan) and a four year old granddaughter, Georgiana.
                 Do I miss working? Not likely, I’m having far too much fun writing.
The 12 Days of Christmas is a collection of short stories each using the words of the Christmas carol as a theme. Most have little to do with Christmas itself and one or two are quite dark. The book is available in both e book and paperback format.tdoc-2…here are the links to Maureen‘s Amazon author page together with her website below. Also the links to purchase the book. (quoting The 12 Days of Christmas) – Paperback version
…there yeez go, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… I told yeez she was prolific, didn’t I!.. thanks for sharing, m’Lady, Maureen… see yeez later … LUV YEEZ!


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…Glen R. Stansfield shows how Authors often don’t ‘see themselves as others see them’…

…one of my Author ‘besties’ here in the Middle East is actually a terrific hat with a writer underneath it… Glen R. Stansfield, the man who drove on a motorbike more than 200 miles in the early hours to join a ‘croissants and coffee with author friends’ morning with me in Manchester recently, and he lives just down the road from me in Bahrain…go figure… who says scribblers aren’t part-crazy?… here’s an insightful offering in the form of his Guest Post… enjoy…


As a child I was quite shy. In the sixth-form at school I shunned the common room because there were people there I didn’t know, and girls…especially girls. Even after leaving school I retained this shyness, despite being the lead singer and playing lead guitar in a band. When did you last see a lead anybody try to keep out of the limelight on a stage? (Actually we had electric lights…I’m not that old!)

So, you can imagine that group events and parties were not my thing, and I have to confess that parties still don’t really do it for me, especially as I don’t dance (there are parts of me that don’t stop moving for several minutes if I’m too energetic.)

Not until my mid-thirties did I start to come out of my shell, and even then there was still a part of me that was reserved, especially when meeting new people or in unfamiliar situations.

It was while studying for a degree in Psychology I discovered something that came as a bit of a shock. As part of a class experiment, we completed a questionnaire to determine where we were on the Eysenck introvert-extrovert scale. The results were collected anonymously and the range of results were given to the class. This shy, retiring person scored 19 out of 21 on the extroversion scale, the highest score in the class. Yes, it appears I am a stark, raving extrovert. The biggest shock was that everyone in my group knew that was my score! I, on the other hand, remained unconvinced.

Then a few years ago I started this writing malarkey. My first outing as a writer was to attend a writers’ gathering in Wigtown, Scotland, near to where my home is in the UK. At that stage I hadn’t published anything, and was only part-way into my first novel, Fishing for Stones. I must confess, I felt to be something of a fraud amongst published authors, and slightly uncomfortable in their company and that of other aspiring writers.


Fast forward to Bahrain, where two years ago I went to the Bahrain Writers’ Circle for the first time, to hear a certain Mr Seumas Gallacher give a talk on being a writer and selling books. I had such a warm welcome from fellow and would-be authors, I joined straight away.

Since then, I have launched my second novel, Harry, attended the book launches of other members of the BWC, held a joint signing with Seumas at a local book store, and shared a stall with him recently at a craft fair, where we sold a good number of books in yet another joint signing session. Online, I am a member of several groups run by fellow authors.


So whether you hide under a rock every day to do your writing, or sit in the window of a local store, tapping away at the keys, don’t be afraid to be involved with other writers; they are amongst some of the most supportive people on the planet.

Fellow authors, you rock!

…thanks, that man, Glen… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…Fair’s fair… author double act… twice the value for half yer money!

…for Authors, NUTHIN beats being in front of people who buy yer books and ask for yer signature… last weekend, my fellow-pensman pal from the Bahrain Writers Circle, Glen R. Stansfield, he of ‘The Hat’…and this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler, he of ‘The Kilt’, spent a smashing day as joint-stallholders at the prestigious American Womens’ Association Arts and Crafts Fair in the Radisson Blu Hotel… our self-crafted produce?… our novels of course!… Master Glen‘s two terrific books, FISHING FOR  STONES, and HARRY, shared tabletop space with my own first two wee babies, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, and VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… from start to finish, the foot traffic in the place was excellent… there we were, in a prime table position space, surrounded by loads of other splendid offerings… black and white still photography, biscuits, children’s toys, scented candles, perfumery, paintings, jewellery, assorted artistic and gemstone creations, cakes… what a tremendous vein of talent exists everywhere… last year, we were told, over 1,000 good folks came through the door, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that total was surpassed last Saturday… our dubble-trubble duo ‘straight from the asylum’ appearance either frightened or surprised people so much they piled in and bought our books, in about equally satisfying numbers…


…the brave lassie in the photograph above, Bridget Bradshaw, prob’ly after consultation with her lawyers, has permitted its publication here below, admirably exemplifying the ‘rose between two thorns’ syndrome… thanks for the support in buying our books, m’Lady, Bridget… and our gratitude to all the other marvellous people who stopped by the stall, either just to chat about books and/or also to purchase our wares, or just to snap a few ‘selfies’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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