…pssst! wanna great investment for yer money?… buy a footballer…

…over half a century ago, some of yeez will know I played professional football for a Scottish First Division side called Third Lanark (not,‘Third Lanark Nil‘, as the old chestnut goes)… because I signed for them on what was known as ‘S’ Forms, being still a S-choolboy at that time, the weekly pay I received would hardly buy a doughnut in today’s money… indeed the emolument was subsidized by ‘boot money’, which was a (very, very, very small) folded series of ten shilling notes (emb’dy remember them?) and the larger green one-pound notes, tucked into our training boots every Thursday evening… fast forward to today’s breed of soccer players, most of whose salaries scarcely match their skill sets… indeed, for some of them the ‘player’ label seems to veer toward the theatrical rather than the sporting…


…but let’s move away from the madness of the ballooning weekly wage packets, an idiom which still reflects the origins of the sport as ‘the working man’s game’, and have a squint at the current transfer prices for these Diving Divas… the lower end of that transfer business now attracts £20,000,000 per player… just think about that for minute… say it out loud… twenty million pounds... and the majority of them excel only at kicking a football miles off target… at apoplectic screaming at officials who deign to curb their transgressions on the turf… at performing acrobatic ‘dying swan scenarios’ when tapped on the shoulder by a passing fly…


…but still the clubs pay for them and it seems with the crazy monies being paid by the television broadcasters, that the bar for transfer prices will be raised even further in the future… so here’s the tip of the year… and yeez heard it here first… pssst! wanna great investment for yer money?… buy a footballer… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…



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14 responses to “…pssst! wanna great investment for yer money?… buy a footballer…

  1. Besides the fact that I played football when I was younger (from 10 to 15 in a club). This professional crap is just, like i said, crap. Players constantly complaining about too much stress. Everything only about money. None of this a..holes is looking at his bank account. With a bankaccount like they have you sold your right to complain buddy. And that they are very unfortunately dressed, adds to the disg…. Twentytwo 30 year old guys in short pants running behind one single ball. I know a lot more interesting things to pass my afternoons. And even if it’s just watching the grass grow….

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  2. You’re both so right…

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  3. I keep looking out for them in my local Waitrose, Seamus – but sadly they don’t seem to keep them on the shelves… Would they be in the vegetable section, do you think?

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    • …more than likely in the veg section… but in the poorer quality ones ..either that or the ham!….. and don’t worry about my name spelling …you wanna see some of the efforts that come my way… especially when I was in the Far East and here in the Middle East:):):)


  4. Ooop! Sorry – I noticed just as I pressed REPLY I’ve misspelt your name… Grovelling apologies, Seumas!


  5. Hello

    I think you’re wrong Seumas – they are in fact, underpaid.

    I’ll start by using an analogy. Horse mature is around £20 for enough to fill a standard skip. So, if such a small pile of shite is available for £20, the England Euro 2016 squad must be worth their salary AND some.

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  6. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Never in my life will I understand why those players get huge quntities os money just to kick a ball! It’s crazy!!!!!! besides they get more money with advertising and so on! And, for instance, a brick layer whose life is so tiring and working too many hours they get scacerly money to survive….

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  7. I’m not in that audience, but it sounds like a ridiculous idea even to me, Seumas, to pay them that much money. I taught school for a “lot” less for years and worked harder. 😐 — Suzanne

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