…Authors… whenever I need the calmness of a Muse, I indulge the Music of the Gods…

…there are prob’ly relatively few people on this planet who are not capable of being ‘moved’ by some form of art… I’d venture my not-so-‘umble opinion that music takes the lead on those occasions… as an author, I’m frequently asked where do I derive the tranquility that writers often seek during the course of their literary labours… there are a few things which can help me ‘get in the zone’, but when I want truly reflective time, NUTHIN beats Celtic music… and more especially the haunting stuff that seeps through into your soul… it’s the only way I can describe it… when I was in my middle teens, I was gifted with the opportunity to work and live in the Scottish Hebrides on the beautiful Isle of Mull, and acquired back then a taste and an enduring affinity with the Gaelic language and all its emotional expression… the first ever medal I won for singing in competition at the Gaelic Mod was in Tobermory, when I sang a song called ‘Min So Nam Onar‘… in English it means ‘I am here Alone’… it has a gentle, almost plaintive air to it, reflecting the priceless solace and peace of the Highlands and Islands… the clip above, with Davy Spillane playing on the Uilleann Pipes will touch yeez if there’s any essence of the Celt in yer genes… whatever yeez might be doing this moment, I’d recommend taking a few minutes to shut yer eyes, listen, and allow the beauty of the centuries-old sounds reverberate in yeez… whenever I need the calmness of a Muse, I indulge the Music of the Gods… and I make no apology for including samples of it, sharing on my weekly offerings on Facebook and Twitter for yer delight… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…



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7 responses to “…Authors… whenever I need the calmness of a Muse, I indulge the Music of the Gods…

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I det you, it’said that music is the food or our soul. And I like very much bagpipes an celtic music, I think you know bagpipes are the fiirst intrument in Asturias and Galizia.
    LUV YEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Oh yes… I also have this track in my collection and know exactly what you mean. Probably also because my maiden name is McRobert – so I have a drop of Celtic blood running through my veins, also… Thank you for sharing this sublime piece of music:)

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  3. Beautiful, Seumas. It’s indeed the Music of the Gods. It speaks directly to the soul. I love bagpipe music. Thanks for this lovely piece. —- Suzanne

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  4. Preach it, brother! Erin Go Bragh


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