…Iceland… the wee team that could…


…every now and then, along comes sum’thing to restore yer almost-forgotten romance in sport… 2016 has thrown up two such sparklers in the football WURLD… most of us thrill to the idea of the gazillions-to-1 chance of the complete underdog taking on the rest of the universe and triumphing… as sumb’dy who played the game at a professional level with Scottish First Division side, Third Lanark, albeit 50 years or so ago, Master Gallacher feels more than a passing fellowship with the lads at Leicester City in the English Premier League season just completed, and more recently, the Iceland team at the Euros 2016 tournament… those of yeez of a certain age will recall comparisons with the incredible successes of Nottingham Forest and Derby County teams under the tutelage of the inimitable Brian Clough… the David and Goliath syndrome makes for great theatre, but it’s more than that… the fusing of a team of individual ordinary talents into a squad of extraordinary talent doesn’t happen too often… the old adage generally holds, ‘…a good big guy will always prosper over a good wee guy…’ and by any stretch, in the absurdly over-financed, billion-dollar industry that football has beome, the latest wee guy, Iceland, merits the label of underdog… but, my, my, how they performed… how they fought… how they melded as a unit… every player running himself into the ground in every match… they may have lost their last encounter, with France, but they won the respect and admiration of hundreds of millions of television viewers around the globe… and what about those amazing travelling  fans of theirs!…


…no rowdy, nasty fighting in the streets… all decked in shirts with their country’s team colours… and the incredible ‘thunderclap’ chant (I wonder if Thor knows they’ve nicked that?)… sporting legend and dreams are made of this stuff… Iceland… the wee team that could… we salute them and wish them well… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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8 responses to “…Iceland… the wee team that could…

  1. It’s great to see the underdog win. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. I’m not following but thanks. I agree with Suzanne. They make up in enthusiasm and put big teams to shame.

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  3. It’s that AMAZING chant – it lifted the hair on the nape of my neck!

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  4. An amazing effort. (Didn’t grow up with this game, but it’s wildly popular here now – so we just guess and yell with the others…hopefully at the right time) Fun is fun.


  5. Interesting to compare England Football with England Rugby. What a difference powerful motivation and leadership makes.


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