…yeez are all notorious gangsters… and we know who yeez are…

…this ol’ Jurassic scribbler may unwittingly have stumbled on an eternal truth… inside every saint, there’s a sinner plotting to get out… over the last few years my Jack Calder crime thrillers have been populated with the necessary balance of good guys and bad guys… unknown to yeez loyal readers, many of the characters dancing, prancing, and romancing across the pages have names derived from actual people… no, Mabel, they don’t reflect their real life personae, just the monikers… the weirdness I’ve uncovered is that the most common thing shared with me by people I meet is that they all ‘wanna write a book’, closely followed by the desire to appear as a character in a novel… especially crime fiction… comes the next question I pitch to them, ‘do yeez wanna be a goodie, or a baddie?’… the men usually answer about 85% wanna be gangsters, evil overlords, mobsters, wreaking all manner of uncivil mayhem around them…


…on the other hand, of the women, astonishingly 100% wanna be baddies!… and they even give me tons of ideas of how evil they can be… man, it’s frightening… go figure… of course they’re not gonna leap out of the pages as a mass-murderer called  ‘Alec Jones’, or an international drug queen named ‘Mary Smith’


…but it’s truly amazing how tweaking the first names and reversing bits of surnames can produce the most sinister-sounding villains’ tags… delving deeper into their intent to be featured in Vogue For Villains, to a person, they all understand, that all things being equal, their ‘character’ is gonna meet a messy and horrible demise… and their eyes light up with glee!… whodda thunk?… so next time yeez are sitting on the train, have a wee squint right and left of yeez… that old grannie sitting knitting in the corner could be a facade for the string-puller for drug dealing across half of Europe… or that quiet bloke engrossed in his crossword may be looking for a synonym for ‘strangulation’ or ‘fire-bombing’… yeez have been warned… yeez are all notorious gangsters… and we know who yeez are… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…yeez are all notorious gangsters… and we know who yeez are…

  1. Oh goodie, (or rather baddie) 😀 I thought the ladies would come out about 60%. Love it that we’re all as wicked as each other. Can I be Kinsov, a mad Russian lady who exterminates all the goodies, except they are really the baddies? Maybe I’d better stop nattering and just go off and write my own. Thanks for the inspiration Masseu. 😉 Mwah. x

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  2. I’ve read that movie actors hunger after the baddie parts. People pay more attention to those parts. I had to laugh about choosing names when I read Dickens used to take names off tombstones. 🙂 — Suanne

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  3. Actually, I thought there was something funny about that granny in the corner… 🙂

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