…ah, there was a time, a time there was… the young Lochinvar has come out of the East…


…every now and then, a glimpse of yesteryear comes floating back, but seldom have I had it so solidly reinforced with photographic evidence… and this from the days before the plague of ‘selfies’ was visited upon an unsuspecting WURLD… the image above has lain hidden in long-since-forgotten filing boxes… intrepid family archealogi-explorers sum’how dug through the myriad layers of dust and brought to light a (very very much) younger impression of Master Gallacher… this was captured fully 35 years ago (!), when yours truly  was Chief Dealer and Treasurer for a banking institution in Hong Kong… the hair covering and the pseudo-Mex, Burt Reynolds  ‘tache have long since disappeared… in the interim, the body shape has (in polite terms) expanded in  several directions…  (the sartorial elegance of the Banker’s-de-riguer-uniform-of-the-pin-striped-suit came from the famous ‘Sam the Tailor’ in Hong Kong)… here’s the modern version:


…that this young fully-paid-up Master of the Financial Universe should eventually morph into a latter-day scribbler, blogster, and crime fiction novelist, was a gazillion miles away from emb’dy’s thinking back then… I mean, just look again… would you buy a used Bank from this man?... ah, there was a time, a time there was… further digging in that chest in the attic continues, and Lawd knows what other scene-of-the-crime evidence may come to light… I shall keep yeez posted (along with my lawyer)… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…




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16 responses to “…ah, there was a time, a time there was… the young Lochinvar has come out of the East…

  1. From potential white-collar-c… to writing about crime. A long way that must have been

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  2. Thirty-five years ago is nothing at our age eh? I mean it goes by in a flash! I had to laugh at the mustache thingy going on there. haha! You are much better without it. 😉 Phew, I have no pictures of me at that age. All my pictures are long gone due to fire or family feuds.

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  3. You look much happier now, I must say.:)

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  4. A face all grown up. (Note the technology change, too. Someday people will be curious about that curly leash is on the phone…Did people steal phones waaaaay back then, they’ll wonder.)

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  5. Note the brilliant spot of light on your tie – a laser-guided long-distance sniper rifle no doubt. Thankfully, you dodged that one!

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  6. Good pictures, Suemas. In my long life, I’ve also had different careers. I loved teaching but also love writing. Some I at times refer to as careers, others as jobs. There’s a big difference. Sometimes I say “in a former life”. I have a bunch of old pictures and love them, especially family pictures. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  7. Thanks for sharing your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. For some reason, I love looking at what we were, and what we’ve become. At our younger selves, and then our not so young selves. Ah, the untold stories those photos show. To me, these show a man truly at peace with himself now, with his talents to create and to draw in fellow scribblers and readers from throughout the world. Well done!

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