…Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurants… the modern loaves-and-fishes equivalent of feeding the multitudes…

…for all their hype, branding, pizzazz, and general fast food finesse, the likes of McDonald’s Bulkburgers, Kentucky Fried Whatever-It-Is-On-The-Plate, Grub-on-the-Go, NUTHIN, but NUTHIN comes even close to the art, science, and downright magic involved in the Chinese restaurant  business in Hong Kong… a pal and I took our appetites to the City Hall complex, deep in darkest Central Hong Kong… the area houses theatrical performances, a Marriage Registry (same kinda thing, Mabel?), and food outlets, one of which, Maxim’s, constituted our gastronomical target for the day… in my ‘day job’ when I’m not producing my wee Jack Calder crime thriller masterpieces, I help companies and corporations in mystical matters such as process engineering… and if ever a case study of perfection cries out to be recorded, what we observed today at the eating emporium on the second floor of the City Hall had me agog with admiration…


…as early as 11.15 a.m. the masses were gathered… inside the banqueting arena, fully 400+ diners were already seated, scoffing away… a queuematic ticket machine yielded our table billet, numbered 122... the current ‘call out’ was only at 7250 tables to be emptied and refilled ere we could sit down to order… ‘this’ll take an age,’ we thought… not a bit of it… every employee was fitted with an earpiece, a la Secret Service (talk into yer sleeve,’Green Tiger’s moving now— copy’ sort of deal…from the attractive young lady on the reception desk, handling the ticketing and phone app reservations, to the maitre de inside, and a commando unit of waiters, servers with trolleys laden with Dim Sum, a phalanx of cleaners of tables, re-table-clothers par excellence… the place hummed contentedly like a Scotsman taking money from an Englishman…

maxim's 2

…I watched, hypnotised as one table of diners rose to go settle their bill at the front of the room… instantly a  swarm of the serving lieutenants attacked the used table, stripped it, relaid the cloth, set out the eating utensils, teacups, teapots, bowls, and chopsticks, condiments and tick-what-yeez-want menus… 40 seconds… FLAT!… and we were ushered to sit… 12 SECONDS later, a waitress with a trolley heaped with items appeared… ONE MINUTE later the table was festooned with Spring Rolls, Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gow), Pork Siu Mai,  Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf,  Steamed Pork Buns (Ding Char Sui Bao), Taro Root Dumplings, and, oh, gourmand’s joy of joys, Pan Fried Turnip Cake… we ate at our leisure and paid the bill… exit, precisely 27 minutes after sitting down… with no sense of being hurried… this was the Hong Kong Dim Sum experience at its finest… Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurants… the modern loaves and fishes equivalent of feeding the multitudes… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!...



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16 responses to “…Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurants… the modern loaves-and-fishes equivalent of feeding the multitudes…

  1. “…like a Scotsman taking money from an Englishman…” I love that, Mr Gallacher. I shoulda bin there.

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénic

    You explain so well the facts… I almost was taking my ..whatever.you.call in the menu…seating beside you!!!! I wish, i’ve never been in Hong Kong!!!! HUGS!!!!!!

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  3. Marvelous service, Seumas. By the way, who was the handsome man you took the picture of? He looked like he was thoroughly enjoying his meal. You made me hungry. I’ll have to order some Chinese food soon. 😀 — Suzanne

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  4. Wow! Extreme efficiency.

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  5. Love your comparisons. It almost sounds like a Disney cartoon ballet of service n a restaurant. Impressive place!

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  6. Thanks for taking us along. When there I never visited that place. I should have for sure.

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  7. I had my first dim sum in Hong Kong. I’ve been a lover of it ever since (dim sum, not Hong Kong, I must admit). Process engineer, huh? Love the generic title, much like ‘business consultant.’ 🙂

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