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We have four winners!

Susan Toy has sum’thing to tell yeez …

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Remember that contest I ran on this blog last week, the one where readers could enter a draw to win a print copy of Seumas Gallacher’s novel, Vengeance Wears Black, by answering a skill-testing question?


Well, we received four comments from readers who correctly answered that the tribute poem Seumas had written and “performed” for me was loosely based on Robert W. Service’s The Shooting of Dan McGrew and that he wrote and performed it on the occasion of the second anniversary of my author promotion blog, Reading Recommendations.

Now, because Seumas Gallacher is a such a generous and kindly sort of fellow – and this is the way his kilt swings … he decided to send each of the four women who had entered the draw a signed print copy of his book! So there will soon be copies winging their way to Mary Smith, Janice Spina…

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…if Music be the food of LIFE, as well as LOVE, play on, Maestro…

…some of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land may be aware of a wee practice I’ve kinda easily slipped into over the last year or two… toward the weekend (which in the Middle East effectively begins on Thursday evenings, with Friday the official non-WURK day) I tend to pick up from Auntie You Tube and share on Facebook and Twitter… songs, clips, and music ranging from Celtic/Gaelic airs to 1960’s-and-onward classics to Bocelli masterpieces. to flash-mob presentations and such other goodies… those of yeez of a certain age will instantly transport yer minds back to the era in which much of it found vogue… a time when we were young once (yes, Mabel, we were daft growing-ups then, p’raps not fully all-growed-up)… a time when we were finding love, feelings, relationships, spouses, lovers, marriages, kids, and all the trappings that just staying alive bring… every song I play has real mem’ries for this ol’ Jurassic… some pensive, some tearful, some outright f*ck-the world, some joyful, and some just in awe of whoever is singing or playing the particular piece… but each note ties in with my life sum’where, sum’how… I can remember sensitivities, hardships, triumphs, despair, highs and lows throughout all of that… music is part of me… and I think it’s a part of everyone’s psyche… it ties me in with people I knew, friendships, partnerships, marriages, and yes, divorces… the evolution of the prevailing popular music will herald in material I sum’times have no time nor ear for, but the great stuff when I was growing up into the older fella I’ve become, in large part seem magnificent to me… so, when yeez see my wee FB-Jaying and Twitter-Jaying, yeez’ll bear with me I trust… I play them principally for me… but I know it touches many of my good pals around the globe who grew up at the same time as I did… on any given day, I could write yeez a list of my 20 and more favourites, but next day, they’d prob’ly be 20 different clips… if Music be the food of LIFE, as well as LOVE, play on, Maestro… here’s one to keep yeez going… 

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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