…sleepless in Hong Kong… shades of ‘Streets of London’…

…the trouble with short, fleeting visits to anywhere with a time zone difference of five hours is the dreaded jet lag… local time in Hong Kong touched 11.00 p.m. when this ol’ Jurassic tried to get some slumber… sure enuff, within minutes, out like a light I went… heavy duty ZZZZZZZZZs… then, bolt upright, owl-eyed, fast awake… the clock had advanced to only 2.20 a.m….the next two hours was an exercise in attempts at every sleeping position known to Mankind and hibernating animals… all to no avail… 5.00 a.m. arrived, and still dark outside the hotel window… and the stomach rumbles demanded food of some sort… NUTHIN to do but get out of the room, clad in typical wannabe-iconic-author-gear of T-shirt, floppy cotton basketball shorts and flip-flops… the accommodation is one-o’-them joints with no restaurant, so where to go?… easy… the ubiquitous open-all-night McDonald’s, not fifty feet away from the hotel front door… a deserted street, save for a couple of mewing cats  and a handful of night-watchmen-looking types on their way homeward… in the Golden Arches premises, nobody in the downstairs dispensing area apart from the server… I ordered the McSausage and Egg and took the tray to the restaurant’s upstairs level… and there, to my surprise I found it almost full of people…only about four tables out of twenty or so were vacant… each of the occupied tables had only a single person sitting at them… and NOT ONE had anything to eat or drink in front of them… some were slumped asleep on their folded arms, leaning forward onto the tables… others sat in bundled clothing in the corner sites, propping themselves up behind hoodies and wrapped assortment of jackets… it felt like a trailer for a Zombie movie… I’ve known rough times of hardship in my life, as prob’ly most of you Lads and Lassies of Blog Land also have, and instantly I felt the connection… these good folks were homeless… and I said a quiet prayer of thanks for the generosity of the McD’s serving staff for allowing a few hours of warmth and comparative comfort to the folks in there… nobody hassled me… nobody panhandled… and nobody really gave me a second look… and I was reminded immediately of sum’thing I’ve repeated several times on this ‘ere Blog over the past few years… EVERYBODY you meet… EVERYBODYis fighting some sort of battle we know NUTHIN about… be gentle, good people… be kind… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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24 responses to “…sleepless in Hong Kong… shades of ‘Streets of London’…

  1. I have been very, very close to homelessness a few times in my life. It never ceases to amaze me that in a world of such abundance and affluence that there is still so many homeless and people that just need a little help. It’s sad.

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    • …yes, Jackie,,, I detest the perception of poverty as a self-imposed status…(there are the isolated cases of hermetical types who don’t want any help of course) ..I see it as a social malaise that could be cured from the top of governments and administrations, local and otherwise… there ARE plenty of great organisations and people doing their best to tackle the issue, but it needs more …and, coming from an early growing-up environment of the Dockland slums in Glasgow, I see it so clearly everywhere it manifests itself…and it never fails to touch me… thanks for sharing , m’Lady 🙂


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  3. It does sound like something out of a dystopian world, but sadly it’s the world in which we live. I’m now following your blog, Seamus.

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  4. Nice one and worth a tweet, Jurassic. Hope you’re doing okay.

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  5. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I feel hopeless when I see so many homeless people, not only in Glasgow, Hong-kong, Paris… Barcelona, everywgere and I can’t understand why there are so many people living with su much money that it’s impossible they can spend though they coudl live 150 years, meanwhile in the world are lots of people and in special children who are starving….

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  6. In the U.S., I’ve read that many of the homeless have mental problems. I know for a fact that hospitals there are so crowded they just eventually turn out the patients they consider harmless. They never used to do that unless a member of the family gave permission and would accept responsibility. Those poor people just wander around talking to themselves and trying to survive. Some homeless are just down on their luck. Sadly, some are addicted to some substance. I agree that it’s shameless anyone should be homeless. How lovely of the Hong Kong McDonalds. —- Suzanne

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  7. It is sad to think that the people who have the least (I’m sure staff at McDonalds aren’t big earners) are the ones more helpful, but it’s a nice gesture. There should be enough for everybody to have a decent life, and there is…

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  8. What an amazing post, Seumas, and a great reminder that there are basic human needs not being met as the world fights over and spends tons of money on meaningless issues. I will repost this on my upcoming blog and refer it back to your site.
    All the best, my friend, and thanks again for keeping life real! 🙂

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  9. This blog comes hot on the heels of a BBC World Service programme available here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03rh5my.
    It talks of a guy who started small by getting a few dozen people off the street, proving that it can work cheaply, and getting it rolled out across America and the world. It’s called Housing First.
    Seumas; you might be a grumpy old codger, but underneath that hard faced exterior, you have a heart of gold.

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  10. Vivid description. How very very sad. It’s getting more obvious in the UK too. Hong Kong is such an amazing city…BH worked there for a while…a truly 24 hour culture.

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