…Hong Kong visitors… beware… here be dragons!…

…it’s been over four years since my last trip back to the Far East, and a few days of business/pleasure started in Hong Kong today… and NUTHIN much seems to have changed… what a great, thriving, throbbing place it is… chinesethe endless crowds of inhabitants on the streets are the human equivalent of these humongous shoals of fish much-loved by underwater cameramen…fish  …or akin to the sky-darkening flocks of migrating starlings by the gazillion…birds …having lived in the former British colony off and on for more than ten years over the past three and a half decades, I’m inured to the people crush on the streets and on the Mass Transit Railway (the MTR), the local metro system… however, what was unavoidably noticeable on this first re-entry day was not so much the ever-present jammed masses of people travelling on it, regardless of the time of day, but it seemed EVERY SINGLE ONE of them was eyes-glued-fixated on a handheld device of some sort, and more than half had headphones as permanent fixtures to their skulls… I like the MTR for the melange of characters on there—people-watching is a bit of a dying art, I fear in most places, but in Hong Kong, with personal space a non-existent concept, it’s impossible not to observe it all in its infinite, wondrous proximity… however, one moment of humour (at least to me it was humour) occurred when I tried to enter the electronic gate to the metro system with my oyster card, it failed to open… I flashed the card once against the sensor thingy, then twice, three and more times, and still it wouldn’t open… an anti-Scottish thing?… no… I discovered that taking my hotel magnetic key card onto the Metro DOES NOT give you access …well, the oyster card and the hotel plastic key do look similar, Mabel… Hong Kong is the setting for a major part of my first ever Jack Calder thriller, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, and in the half day since returning literally to the scene of the crime, I wasn’t disappointed… the buzz, the smells, the kaleidoscope of colours, the mangle of Chinese and English lettering on the deluge of billboards and advertising hustings, the bustle, the people, the speed of movement (most people here walk upstairs on moving escalators!) was there as it seemingly, for me at least, always has been here… and I LUV IT!… Hong Kong visitors… beware… here be dragons!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

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8 responses to “…Hong Kong visitors… beware… here be dragons!…

  1. Rosa

    Never in my life would I live there!!!!! Augh… so crowded.. moving like ants …living almost in cells (of course not the rich people)… and even on holidays.. I’d go there. Anyway, thanks for the warning!

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  2. lol… If it’s any consolation – the other day in the pouring rain, I was standing at the back door, increasingly wet and cross as I kept PRESSING the damn key and it wouldn’t unlock. Until I realised I was trying to open the back door with the car key…

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  3. Don’t feel embarrassed, Seumas. I saw on the news that Hilary Clinton had trouble using a card on the New York City transit system She had to swipe about four times. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I wrote this mornig a comment… It has gone!!! or maybe the horrible dragons took it!!!!!

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