…to free or not to free?… that is the question… self-publishers hearken hither…

…it seems so long ago, now… but a matter of only 7 years ago, Master Gallacher threw sensibility to the winds and dived headlong into the self-publishing caper… the majority of that time has been spent enjoyably immersed in all the trimmings of being my own literary publishing Baron (Barren? Barn?)… a twelve-month body-serve/detour as a ‘housed’ author terminated amicably at the turn of the year when myself and the good folks at Crooked Cat Publishing came to terms with the fact that I needed to at least believe I was in control of my own destiny in the industry… delusions of adequacy p’raps, but my continuing  sojourn on the marketing and promotional platforms gives me grounds to believe that, going solo, I fare better than average in that respect… whatever the truth of it, the pleasure I derive from being uber-hands-on is monumental… in the year of the partnership, I did not indulge any dalliance with the Kindle Free Promo mechanism, which I had used several times in the nascent scribbler years… many authors refuse to consider that route, believing they should ‘never give their WURK away for NUTHIN,’ and I have no argument with their stance…chacun a son gout (that’s Francais, Mabel, for ‘each to his own gout)… however, I can only describe my modus, and what has WURKED, and WURKS, for me… my experience is enhanced with having the luxury of four titles in the marketplace, all available on the Great God Amazon Kindle, and a fifth as Work-In-Progress… it’s important to understand, that with a range of titles, the technique alters sum’what… with only one book out there, giving away free downloads usually is done in the hope of generating interest and reviews for that solitary masterpiece… but, see, when yeez have multiple offerings in the guise of a backlist, only one title needs to be the ‘teaser’ while the remainder sit sweetly  at their normal prices… the freebies on Kindle are virtual copies which have cost me minimal monetary outlay (of course, I value my priceless labour and mind investment in each book I create, but relatively speaking a freebie only costs me notional lost opportunity profit, which in all likelihood was never coming to me as sold copies anyway, BUT, it generates sales on others, and THAT does put coppers in the coffers)… with that in mind, I’m putting the third in the Jack Calder thriller series, SAVAGE PAYBACK, on Amazon Free Promotion as of tomorrow, March 31st, for the five-day period permitted

…the wee darling looks like this:

front view SP

..and yeez can download it FREE tomorrow thus:


…here’s what it looks like mingled in the family photo with the rest of the gang:

FotoJet Collage


…and these others can be purloined thus:








…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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8 responses to “…to free or not to free?… that is the question… self-publishers hearken hither…

  1. I agree with every word, Seumas. It’s the way to go. And think of the good company you align with: Robbie Burns, Kipling, James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, Mark Twain, Galsworthy, Ezra Pound, Tom Paine, Balzac, Virginia Woolf, Walpole and Whitman and so many others. Self publishing is the real traditional route, well trod before publishing houses were thought of. Stay the course. Let the publishing houses come to you as they recently did for Mike Stoner and his self published book: Jalan Jalan.

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  2. Come back to Scotland … (almost) all is forgiven. What works for you, Jurassic, should be the whole law. I was told recently that we not-quite-young are unpopular with main-stream publishers because our life expectancy is shorter. Fancy that a short shelf-life.

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  3. I’m sure you’ve been in business long enough to know what’s best for you and it’s working. The great part is you’re having fun doing it. All good fortune ahead, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne


  4. Good advice Seumas thank you


  5. Jim

    As always Seumas you’re an inspiration.

    Quick literary joke ‘ Sean Connery got hit on the head by a book, he said ‘he only had his shelf to blame’


  6. As always, you give us good advice, Seumas. Thus, I’m working hard on my third book (so I can offer the first one free at some point, for a short time?? – my BABY. Hard to do that). Anyway, I’ll write this other places, but not only are you a good promoter, but you’re a good WRITER also!!


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