The Independent Mr. Gallacher.

…my dear friend, m’Lady, Ailsa Abraham, invites me into The Bingergread Cottage for a cuppa …

The Bingergread Cottage

Don’t look up everyone as the passenger on the magic carpet today is Seumas Gallacher and he might be wearing a kilt. Cameron! Eyes down please!

Here you are, Big Man! How lovely to see you. You’ll feel the cold here coming from your warmer climes. Come on into the kitchen and sit by the stove with us while we get you a hot drink with a wee something in it.-em me 14  So how are things?

SG : …hello, Ailsa.. and nice to see you again, Cameron… I checked with Glockamorra prior to jumping on the Magic Carpet you so kindly sent to fetch me, and Things are Just Tickety-Boo… nice threads on there by the way… did you crochet that one yerself, m’Lady?

Oh yes! It was meant to be a dog blanket but now I can’t get Cam to take it off. I know everyone is asking this of…

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One response to “The Independent Mr. Gallacher.

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Hi Big Man!!!!! I’ve enjoyed the interview the Scottish witch has written… good… I repesat what I said days ago…you’re a really nice bunch of friends!!! I envy you… Cheers!!!!!


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