…so what’s changed since 60 years ago?…

…if a picture paints a thousand WURDS, then there’s a whole library in this one :


…urban historians please note, it’s a throwback picture from 60 years ago… things to observe:
1. Location… Greenfield Public School, Docklands Govan, Glasgow
2. Date:  Circa 1955
3. Number of pupils showing 38— (some were absent that day… I know that, ‘coz there was always sumb’dy absent)
4. Future Trainee Financial Master of the Universe, and Imminent Iconic Nobel Literature Prize Nominee Wannabe, Master Gallacher, with the full-sleeved jumper, is seated front row second in from the end… the eyes are screwed up, ‘coz sumb’dy in the middle row warned us that the flash from the camera would make us blind, and we should all shut our eyes when the camera guy said ‘ready’
5. Note almost every man-child wearing a shirt and tie (not school uniform, mind… even in the slums, we had a pride in our appearance… or at least our Mammys did)…
6. Teacher-lady, Miss MacLeod looked ‘ancient’ to we children, but on looking at her there, she was probably in her mid-2os…
7. It is not recorded if any of the class alumni went on to hold down positions in high government Ministerial office or graced some of the long-term residency units of Her Britannic Majesty’s Prisons… (not that these two stations are mutually exclusive), it would be absolutely fascinating to find out…
8. The wee lassie fourth in from the end next to Miss MacLeod was my first formal ‘girl friend’… oh, be still my beating Glesga heart… I shall not reveal her name, as gentlemen (well Scottish gentlemen at any rate, and at whatever age, do not feed the gossip columns by kiss-and-tell scandal-mongering)…
…and not a single selfie-generating device in the whole place… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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21 responses to “…so what’s changed since 60 years ago?…

  1. What’s changed? We-el, it looks like you had a bit more hair in those days…And school piccies these days are done in colour. Apart from that, school pics are much the same, only with different faces. But apart from that, just about everything has changed, methinks!

    Great to see your photo; it’s nice to be reminded that we all have been through the ‘keep still, look your best, smile at the photographer’ thing – in fact, I was still doing it until four years ago 🙂

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    So… so many years have already gone!!!!! no… it’s imposible. You’re lucky, i have not any from my school…

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  3. Great memories, Seumas. It’s lovely to have old pictures. Your girlfriend was a pretty little girl. Although your teacher was “ancient” she was pretty also although you were too young at the time to be aware of it. 😀 — Suzanne

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  4. The boy at the back centre with hands in pockets looks like he had the potential to become either a Politician or a Spiv (Black Marketeer for our non-British pals) Seumas 😄😄😄
    However, yer taste in lassies was impeccable even at that age 👍

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  5. Long sleeves.. and shoes?

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  6. Oh the days of innocence and distant memories.My polished my glasses for a good look. Why, I don’t believe you’ve changed a bit Seumas. 😀

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  7. Adorable then … Adorable now! 😘

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  8. Think we’ve all got a photo like this, Seumas. Think you could be starting a trend.

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  9. Just found one of my school photos – horrendous!! Lol

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  10. Whatever has changed, they changed for the better.


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