…Laydeees an’ Gennnllllmen! …the irrepressible, the inimitable… Ailsa Abraham…


Yeez a Head-case!

Hello Big-Man, Hello Big-Man’s Friends.

The above comment has been thrown at me a few times and any Scots in the audience will know it well.

In fact, I am. Brain trauma from the age of fifteen has left me “punchy” but it has a new and fancy name that I’d like to share with you all – punch-drunk has been found to be much more widespread than we thought and more serious.

Given that serious knocks on the head, concussion etc are no longer limited to professional boxers, some bright doctor chap decided to have a closer look. As we all take up extreme sports (bevvying, motorcycle gymnastics and tripping off pavements to mention only a few) they are getting a much better chance to look at this phenomenenenononon (it’s like banana, isn’t’ it?) Unfortunately it can only be confirmed post-mortem, which means I won’t be able to sit up on the table and shout “Told you so!!”

Nor does this knowledge do much in a practical way for me. I’m recovering from at least the third whopping great bonk on the head although this time I didn’t fracture anything, I exploded my spleen and hitched a ride to hospital in a helicopter instead which seemed just as good as blog material. So my own doctor who is a real sweetheart says I can expect to be “wobbly” for one week for each day I was in a coma. OK, so more than twenty one weeks later I am still having “brain not connected to any extremity” moments and find myself fighting with the furniture and no, I gave up alcohol ages ago so it isn’t that! (Yes it was my first thought too)

Mostly this relieves me. I am an impatient old biddy and want to get on with my work, writing. Unfortunately this involves cranking up the rusty metal object that used to be my brain. I’ll get there. I’ll probably get there a lot faster by telling myself that this is quite normal and at least I have a name for it. Already having Bipolar Condition which makes me sounds like an unsure Polar Bear, I can add “oh and CTE, of course” then try to remember what that stands for – I must print out th banner below to pin on my wall. That’s it! That’s why I can’t work right. We’ll get there slowly and with me losing my temper at myself and everyone around me but… hey I’m a writer – ain’t supposed to be normal!

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Thanks for having me over – if you want to see some of my works – see here….

Author of “Alchemy” and “Shaman’s Drum”
alchemyalchemy 2

(Ed. Note: check out particularly the webpage link for Ailsa’s novels… great reading!)

International Amazon links Alchemy Shaman’s Drum as Cameron Lawton


..there yeez go, betcha that got more than just a smile on yer faces! … thanks, m’Lady, Ailsa...

—-see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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17 responses to “…Laydeees an’ Gennnllllmen! …the irrepressible, the inimitable… Ailsa Abraham…

  1. Thank you Ms. Abraham, for this candid and well put together post, and of course to the host, Seumas, who goes without mention, but seldom does. 🙂 I had a similar feeling of impatience when my oxygen starved brain was being fed by only half my red blood cells. I couldn’t concentrate to read, never mind write. Writing has become my passion, my drug, and I was very impatient, and scared, to think this condition would last. It took time, but for me, the doctors were able to get my Blood disorder under control, for now, and I am happily letting the words spill forth once more. Just never give up, and continue your noble fight.

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  2. Thanks so much for inviting me over, Big Man – we always have such a laugh xxxxxxxxx

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  3. Rosa Ave Fénix

    She looks and sounds very nice and funny!!!!!!!

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  4. Awwww lovely to see my bestest friend, on Facebook, Otter. She has the kindest heart and the sharpest wit.

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  5. A wonderful post. More power to you, Ailsa Abraham. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. I suppose in a way I’m lucky – at least I KNOW I can look forward to dementia quite early on. It won’t come as a surprise to me or the close folks who have to look after me. It’s not like having an accident and waking up gaga.


  7. I have a hat that’s a Buffalo. Being normal is waaay overrated. The thing is, if you see things a bit of a fraction different than others or piece together unusual connections others don’t notice, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Someone has to keep the stodgy off balance. Often truth is not always what it seems. Laugh on, wild writer.

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  8. marycarolmoran

    Your positivity and humor infect me, Ailsa. Thank you! I’m juggling finding out that I’m a hyperempath and a mystic, which in psychospeak means about 75.3% crazy. Just trying to keep the balls in the air, and to laugh when they all fall down. I wish we lived closer together, because I imagine we could become good friends. I’m in the back of beyond in beautiful (not sarcasm) central Alabama. Hope you have a lovely day.

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  9. Thanks to Ailsa, a brave lady who talks about her problems and by doing so helps others to understand them, especially if they, or someone they know, has the same problem. Thanks also you also Seumas for having her as your guest. 🙂 — Suzanne

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