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…The View from the Bench…

There’s nothing great about war, my son,
Despite what the generals say
To be out in the void at the end of a gun
Just hoping you’ll live through each day
There’s bile in your throat with each breath that you take,
And nothing to assuage your fear,
For bullets and bombs won’t give you a break
When the claws of the devil come near
It’s not about courage, or strength, or of guts,
And nothing to do with your honour,
With killings and bombings, no ifs and no buts
When you die as some government’s fodder
And what of your family, your kids and your wife?
Will they be grateful you died as a hero?
When you die as a pawn, the next wasted life
–Their future slashed down to zero?
I sit on this bench, and cast my thoughts back,
To the day my luck failed, when caught in a blast
My life’s colour’s gone, it all turned to black
–Now I invite each day as my last
What was left of me came home in a plane,
They cobbled me back best they could,
But the bits left behind were most of my legs
Replaced now with leather and wood
Oh, they gave me a medal, so shiny and all,
And a pension ‘to keep my self whole’,
A ceremonial speech that made my skin crawl,
Thirty pieces of silver exchanged for my soul.
There’s nothing great about war, my son,
Despite what the generals say
To be out in the void at the end of a gun
Just hoping you’ll live through each day.
Seumas Gallacher
February 28th, 2016
…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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…faster than a speeding wotsit… Concorde… 40 years young today…



…my good pal, Jackie Beedie, WURLD traveller and trademark owner of ‘hic!’ reminded me today’s the 40th anniversary of the Concorde’s first ever commercial flight… how time flies (see what I did there, Mabel!)… during a lengthy career as a Financial Master of the Universe, this ol’ Scots scribbler has had more than his fair share of traipsing around the planet in pursuit of all sorts of business excuses… airports from Adelaide to Zurich, and Athens to Zaragoza have trundled my luggage across their baggage carousels… I’ll claim I was born to travel in the front of aircraft, the back of limousines and to test drive five-star hotels and bordellos… and not necessarily in that order… with differing levels of success in each of these objectives over the years, I must confess… sum’times my employers saw fit to honour my ideas of my station by allowing first-class tickets… at other times, cargo class was too good a description… but only once did Master Gallacher’s derriere ever plonk into a seat on the Concorde… and serendipitous it was, too… my schedule for a particular business jaunt had the Heathrow to JFK flight on British Airways… on the standard Jumbo jet… at the last moment the first class cabin had been overbooked, and a call was put out in the BA lounge offering a few passengers with minimal luggage to switch to the Concorde at no extra charge… the ‘no extra charge‘ bit for a Scotsman… well, I’m sure yeez understand… indeed the flight time for the Jumbo at 7 hours was more than double the 3 hours the Concorde needed… only 20 of these aircraft were ever built, of which 6 were the prototypes, so was I impressed?… alas, not… first of all, the seats were all the same class—kinda smaller, cramped versions of the Jumbo’s first class armchairs… I don’t think even a thin Sumo wrestler would have been comfortable… it was like flying in an elongated cigar tube… and the bluudy thing made a helluva rattling noise the whole time… the ‘beam-me-up-Scottie’ thing grew tired very quickly… of course on the plus side, there was the finest champagne for those who indulged (and back then one did enjoy a drop), propah canapés, served not by ‘our air stewards’ but by ‘our butlers’… if my wee Docklands Govan Ma could’ve known, she’d have disowned me from her grave…


…it was one of those experiences I was glad to have done once, but funnily enuff, would not have chosen to do again… inverted snob, or sum’thing, me… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…no, Authors… yeez don’t have to be EVERYWHERE on the SOSYAL NETWURKS…


…for good or ill, this ol’ scribbler appears to have developed a wee reputation over the past few years as being sumb’dy who’s managed to get the hang of the SOSYAL NETWURKS’ usage for an author… I’ll let others speak to the veracity or otherwise of that conjecture, but I certainly immersed myself in the philosophy of ‘getting yer WURK out there’ via the web channels… considering the Great God Amazon Kindle now boasts over 6 million titles (I’ll read that again, Mabel… 6 million titles), it’s therefore no surprise to me that gazillions of folks have never heard of my literary masterpieces… however, on the plus side, I know for certain that many thousands of LUVLY readers and quill-scraper pals are aware of them… compared to where that number would be if I had not started to ‘build the platform’ , and indeed continue to maintain and add to it, that’s exakk-ly many thousands more than if I hadn’t indulged the MEDYA elements… ‘so’, they ask, ‘are yeez into hundreds of SOSYAL NETWURKS then, Master Gallacher?’ … ‘decidedly NOT!’ is the robust response… each of we writers, self-published or ‘housed’, is obliged to be active in their own promotional and marketing activity, of which being ’present’ on Auntie Internet is a major part… but… and it’s an important ’but’… yeez don’t have to cover all the channels… we only have 24 hours in a day… the common sense approach is to select a mere handful that suit yer own particular style and and then like Julia Roberts’s character in ‘Pretty Woman’, WURK it baby! … my major outlets of choice are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, a few lesser tributaries, and of course this ‘ere blog, which ties them all together… after presenting on this stuff a coupla years ago at the Dubai Festival of Literature, several fellow Authors asked me to put this in a book… and I did… a short guide, SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES… yeez can have a look at it on these links :



Aus :

Can   :

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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…that Samuel Johnson fellow knew a thing or two about scribbling…


…here’s a wee gem I read by sumb’dy posting on my Facebook wall this morning… ‘A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it. —Samuel Johnson’… what a terrific summary of what this wunnerful authorship gig is all about… no matter how much we writers may try to deliver the ‘complete story’ in any our narratives, the ‘colour’ and interpretation of it is really down to the reader… of course, we quill-scrapers can imbue nuance and deflected meaning into certain passages, but in my experience, both as a scribbler and as an avid reader, the true pleasure in immersing in sumb’dy else’s WURK is how I read it… what images come into my own head, regardless sum’times of the author’s intentions… then why should that be any different when others read my tomes?… it’s one of the reasons I eschew long descriptive stuff in my novels… I write crime thrillers… predicated on characters and action… long before the film industry picked up on adaptations of the great classics and other books, nobody knew what Dickens’s Fagin looked like, or Shakespeare’s Hamlet, or Scarlett in Gone With the Wind… and therein lies the beauty of literature… as readers we are at liberty… nay… almost mandated… to paint the mental pictures of a book’s cast… of course, in my own mind, all my characters are ‘live’ and I know what ‘they’ look like… but I’ll bet yeez all the good folks who’ve read my stuff will have different ideas of what Jack Calder looks like… and May-Ling… and Malky McGuire… and so on… my point is simple… so often the old adage holds good , ‘Less is Better than More’… undoubtedly, if the film industry ever picks up on my series, I will have no hesitation in offering my humble self to play Jack’s part… what?? six-foot two, blue-eyed, fair-haired Scotsman?… who else, Mabel?… who else?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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Seumas Gallacher – a few thoughts on returning to self-publishing

…many thanks to Susan Toy for featuring my blethers once more …

Reading Recommendations

Seumas Gallacher has been a long-time pal of Reading Recommendations and has done a great deal to promote (and become friends with!) many of the other authors I promote, as well as with me, and of my writing! He has been featured in the group, Reading Recommendations Revisited, and has returned to tell us of his recent publishing experience and why he switched back to self-publishing, a story that is best told in the Kind Sir’s very own inimitable style.


The Jack Calder Series
by Seumas Gallacher

… having recently returned to the ranks of the self-published author brigade, I’m delighted to report that the joy of being able once more to track my Amazon Kindle activity on a daily basis makes me a much happier scribbling bunny

… I traipsed into the realm of the ‘housed writers’ for a year, and although the good people at Crooked Cat…

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The Independent Mr. Gallacher.

…my dear friend, m’Lady, Ailsa Abraham, invites me into The Bingergread Cottage for a cuppa …

The Bingergread Cottage

Don’t look up everyone as the passenger on the magic carpet today is Seumas Gallacher and he might be wearing a kilt. Cameron! Eyes down please!

Here you are, Big Man! How lovely to see you. You’ll feel the cold here coming from your warmer climes. Come on into the kitchen and sit by the stove with us while we get you a hot drink with a wee something in it.-em me 14  So how are things?

SG : …hello, Ailsa.. and nice to see you again, Cameron… I checked with Glockamorra prior to jumping on the Magic Carpet you so kindly sent to fetch me, and Things are Just Tickety-Boo… nice threads on there by the way… did you crochet that one yerself, m’Lady?

Oh yes! It was meant to be a dog blanket but now I can’t get Cam to take it off. I know everyone is asking this of…

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…an ol’ Scots scribbler’s view on selling per page… Kindle Edition Normalised Pages (KENP) Read…

…when the the Great God Amazon introduced their ‘Kindle Edition Normalised Pages (KENP) Read’ thing-y there was much ballyhoo and static noise on the virtual waves as to whether or not it was the thin end of a miserly wedge for Authors… at the time, I was already ‘housed’ with a publisher and therefore not privy to the daily access on Amazon sales pages for my wee masterpieces… the furore passed me by… of course, peripherally I picked up on the various comments from writers about the mechanism… some liked it, some were less than enthusiastic… now I’ve reverted to being only self-published, my interest has been ‘re-Kindled’ (see what I did there, Mabel!) I’m looking closer at how it really WURKS… much of the thrust from the negative constituency spun around how tiny the royalty payment amount looked per page… sum’where in the order of US$0.005 per page absorbed… a little pause here p’raps, to explain to the uninitiated how it goes… subscribers pay a monthly fee to have unlimited access to as many titles they can download on Kindle Unlimited (KU) and Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL)… now let’s make a comparison that makes money sense (is there any other kind for a Scotsman?)… in general terms my books price at US$ 3.99 and if I sell a book on  I get 70% royalty– US$ 2.79 before any taxation… if I assume say 30% tax deduction for US sales that goes down to US$ 1.95… compared with a book of ‘normalised‘ pages of say, 300 pages at US$ 0.005  will yield  to me US$ 1.50… on the face of it it looks as if I’m being short-changed… oh, Lawd… Heaven forfend… but hang on a minute… the flip side is not so much talked about, and it is this… the new mechanism actually creates more readerships for many titles, which heretofore may never have seen the light of a Kindle-day… I’ve been intrigued with the new blue line (at least new to me) charting the pages read of my novels… and must confess I like it… if sumb’dy’s read halfway through one of my books, it will show as a big spike to that number (150 pages) on the graph… okay, that translates to $0.75 in royalty earned … but multiply a little by a  lot and yeez end up with not too dusty a total… and the clincher for me is the old thing about these being eBooks, there is no added cost to me in having the downloads on the KENP gig… I’d rather have lots of small contributions than no contributions, and who knows how much further enticement it creates for a new reader to come back and want a decko at more of yer stuff?… my links are listed below (never miss a commercial plug, Master Gallacher, attaboy!).wallpaper 2





…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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