…Mary Carol Moran voices what most reasonable people feel about religion and terrorism… a great piece…

…my dear friend, Mary Carol Moran writes a terrific blog on  http://basiconeness.blogspot.com (and for good measure, she has another blog at http://soulofattraction.blogspot.com …worth catching both of them)… here she lays out quietly and succinctly a thoughtful piece on sum’thing the vast majority of decent folks will appreciate… the rational view of the nonsense that sum’times masquerades as ‘religious justification for atrocity’...


Existential Roots of Extremism
By Mary Moran Carol

Our Reptilian Brains Tend Toward Fundamentalism

For many years, I’ve felt that the growing voice of strident extremism has a single deep seated unconscious root. Our reptilian brains know that our habitat is destructing around us. We feel the heat, suffer through the augmented storms, wonder what’s coming next.

Add to that the instantaneous news of climate disasters everywhere on the planet. The reptilian part of our brains not only feels what we experience ourselves, but gets gut-punched by the tsunamis, the earthquakes, the super storms, the drought, the floods around the world.

When disaster happens, the natural response is to retract into what feels like safety. Clinging to absolutist beliefs isn’t that different from hiding in a cave from a thunderstorm.

Growth of Religious Extremism

Some Christians have become more entrenched. Supreme infallible truth has a growing appeal in times of uncertainty. Perhaps the people most in need of reassurance are the ones who shout the loudest. Or perhaps the shouters are those who seize the moment for personal gain, fanning fear instead of calming the flock.

A very few Christians have embraced terrorism. Robert Dear, Jr., claims to be a “warrior for the babies,” after a killing spree at a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado.

Some Muslims have also embraced extreme fundamentalism. A very few of those have embraced terrorism, most recently felt in the west in Paris and San Bernadino.

The vast majority of Christians, Muslims, and those of other or no religion, are horrified and repelled by the actions of these few killers.

Terrorism is Not Religious

I’ve read moving articles stressing that we must not conflate terrorism with religion. We must denounce as false all claims of a religious basis for acts of terror. Those who commit terrorist acts are killers, making up a convenient excuse for their barbarism.

This assertion is certainly true. All religions need to unite in denouncing all terrorism. Period.

There’s More

But I believe there’s more to the story. We need to understand why these killers have seized on religion as their excuse. We need to fathom the underlying angst, beyond even the practical considerations for example of drought in Syria.

I believe at its basest root, it is existential angst over the destruction of our natural world that drives Christians, Muslims, and those of many religions, toward the most black-and-white versions of belief.

Once you have noncriminal religious people shouting extremism, the zeitgeist is ripe for terrorists to rise up and use religion as their excuse.

Leaders Must Rise Above Angst and Self-Interest

Is it realistic to expect everyone to release their existential angst? No.

What is realistic is to expect leaders to rise above their own angst, and their own self-interest, and to embrace that their role in an uncertain world is to calm rather than to incite.

Many are doing this already. Many more are needed. The voices of moderation, embracing, and unity need to become louder than those for divisiveness.

We need today’s Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Lincoln to start shouting. We need religious and political leaders who are as brave and outspoken as Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama.

And we need a media that gives them airtime and focus.

The Long Long Long Term Solution

I believe that when we begin to see effective action toward coping with climate change, we will begin to see the demise of terrorism.

Everyone needs to believe that their home is secure. Physiological and safety needs are the base levels of Maslov’s heirarchy. Nothing will get better until we feel safe.

We know in our guts that the world isn’t going to go back to the planet we knew. We need also to know in our guts that the new world will be a place that we can live in security and peace.

Your Thoughts

As always, Mary looks forward to reading your thoughts in her blog comments columns. Go join in! She wishes yeez a joyous day!

… thanks for this, Mary

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…Mary Carol Moran voices what most reasonable people feel about religion and terrorism… a great piece…

  1. Reblogged this on Barrow Blogs: and commented:
    A thoughtful post

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  2. A very truthful and great post, the world leaders should be reading this it might make them work towards a better world. Pope Francis gets slated and called the anti chirst, for God`s sake. The illuminati are everywhere, um, okay are they doing anything for the natural world? The extremists are killing and maiming innocents, maybe they should just sit down and think before doing. I dont know it baffles me why extremists would do these things, all I want is our world to be looked after, our animals to be left to live in peace and for us all to remember that everything we do is connected. Wow this post really got me thinking didn`t it. Thanks again for posting.

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    • marycarolmoran

      Thank you for your kind words, Adeleulnais! I like your flip of the sinister political ‘Illuminati’ to the true meaning of ‘enlightened ones.’ When we recognize how closely we all connect, we can’t help but turn from attacking to protecting. Extremism comes from fear. While I condemn absolutely the actions of terrorists, at the same time I feel compassion for the extremes of desolation and fear that subconsciously drive them. Perhaps one day we can all leave each other to live in peace, as you suggest. For now, I hope you have a wonderful and joy-filled day. Hug, Mary

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    • …great comments, m’Lady, Adele:)

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  3. marycarolmoran

    Dear Seumas,

    Thank you for sharing my post, and for your kind and thoughtful introduction. You have a gift for pointing out the craziness of the world using humor. Your posts and Facebook comments brighten my days. You are appreciated! Thanks again for giving my words a platform.



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  4. A very, very astute summing up. Excellent stuff.


  5. PS, I hadn’t thought about the natural state of things, I have just assumed it was about economics, that just as, in the 1920s, things went tits up and we got Fascism so now, things have gone tits up and because we can see through political extremes more easily these days we have ended up with religious extremes. I like Mary’s explanation better. It makes more sense.


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